WDIIA – Friday, April 3, 2020


Five minutes. That’s about my maximum Facebook time before my blood pressure goes up. I am in self-protection mode, so limiting what disturbing information gets in is critical.

I have read a few things about famous people and what amazing things they created during isolation during the plague and the Spanish flu epidemic. I fear I will not be one of those people. I have not been as creative as much as I am trying to be. I am filling my days for sure, but I am not writing the great American novel by any means. I am spending as much time outside as I can and that’s been good for my sanity.

My bedtime seems to be slipping into the after midnight hours and my waking time seems to be slipping later as well. I was never a night owl before. My goal this week is to realign my schedule and get back on track.

Yesterday I planted radish seeds and bell pepper seeds outside. I am hoping it is warm enough. I am encouraged because the other seeds I planted are starting to reveal themselves. Our local nurseries have supplies but none have everything we need. I guess everyone is turning to gardening as one of the easiest outdoor activities to undertake.

I saw this link yesterday and thought I would share it here as another source of good news, posted by Curt Rosengren. Some I will steer clear of, but others might be good resources for you.

Positive news sources to uplift your mind

Today is our first ‘no contact’ grocery store pickup. Will let you know how it goes. There are still things in short supply.

Now off to find some productive ways to spend my day.



11 thoughts on “WDIIA – Friday, April 3, 2020”

  1. I hope the grocery pick up goes well, Maggie. I am wondering how all those who work Mon-Fri are coping with having a ‘permanent weekend’?
    Best ishes, Pete.

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    1. All went well, Pete. It was a definite time saver. We received everything but two small items that were out of stock. A definite good experience.

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  2. I’m not on FB but I am sure I couldn’t last there for even 5 minutes. I’ve no patience for depressing drivel so thanks for the link to something positive. Thanks.

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    1. That sounds delightful. We managed to get some soil yesterday, so I think we will prepare another raised bed. I look forward to your photos.


  3. Like you I have had enough of Facebook. I am also tired of news.. nothing good on there just worldwide sadness. Thank you for the resources and have a good day.🌈💜

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