SoCS – The Trouble With Sleeping In

It is Saturday and I was in no hurry to get out of bed this morning. The temps dropped back into the 20s last night. That’s quite a drop from our 55°F high yesterday. I read Linda’s instructions for today:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “cheek.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Enjoy!

I perused a few of the posted responses to the prompt and saw many of my ideas had already been snapped up. Nothing worse than asking people to read the same things, so what am I to do?

Think, woman! Think!

I decided to check out YouTube for some cheek inspiration. Ouch! One of the first things that came up were videos about cheek fillers. I guess to give the face a more plump and youthful appearance. I have seen too many “beauty gone bad” exposés to do any of that. Imagine those pockets of filler floating about the face and lodging elsewhere. That’s not as bad as the trend for “devil lips”. Have you seen that? People actually alter the shape of their lips. I prefer natural faces – even if they are old ones.

I gotta get out of YouTube. It is getting worse. Moving on…

Throughout time, I have seen depictions of grandmothers squeezing or pinching the cheeks of their grandchildren. I can honestly say that none of my grandparents ever pinched my cheeks and I have never done that to my grandchildren. It makes me wonder if there are really cheek pinchers out there?

We grandmothers are very conscientious about germs, though. We do not want little baby germs and we do not want babies to get our old people germs. So, turn the other cheek – cheek kisses for grandma! When babies are just learning to give kisses, you must be aware because they are often full slobbery-mouthed kisses!

I also never use the term Cheeky Monkey, but I read somewhere that it had its origins in Britain or Australia. My grandmother goto’s are “punkin” or “sweet pea” or maybe “stinker” if they are being cheeky.

Another term of romantic endearment is “sweet cheeks”. I can honestly say those words have never left my non-altered non-devil lips.

Someday I will write about my cheeks — they have deep dimples. But not today. I am all cheeked-out.

Linda Hill balances Stream of Consciousness Saturday along with living a very active and demanding life. Check out her blog for the rules for SoCS and why not play along? You might have something no one else has ever had to say about cheeks!




19 thoughts on “SoCS – The Trouble With Sleeping In”

  1. Nicely done. I’m not going to YouTube to check, but I’m wondering which cheeks people are filling out. I prefer regular people, the result of what we started with and what time has given us..

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  2. My wife calls her grandson a ‘cheeky monkey’. I admit to having a fondness for cheek-pinching, but I only do it softly. I once worked with a woman who had lovely round dimpled cheeks, and loved to give them a big soft pinch. She didn’t mind me doing it, I hasten to add. It wasn’t a #metoo thing! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Cheek fillers?? How have I not heard of this? We were discussing butt and breast implants at dinner the other night — don’t ask — but nobody brought this one up. Yikes.

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  4. You are SO funny!  Thank you for some especially good laughs tonight. And, btw, my maternal grandmother instructed us to pinch our cheeks all the time for a pretty pink look! ( my sister and I gave always had olive skin…no pink!) Lol…..never worked so I gave up!

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      1. And off the cheek subject, her other idea was to stretch our legs out alot in bed and we’d grow tall! You can see how great her advice worked! Lmao!

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