The Sled


Steve’s post brings back memories of days gone by. We still have an old wooden sled hanging in the garage. He is correct, there was never a dull moment. Our parents did not concern themselves with our screen time. We had one black and white tv and it only received one very ‘snowy’ channel.

I have written about familiar memories myself.


‘It was a simpler life, then’. At least it seemed to be. My contemporaries generally agree. “Life was so much simpler, then’ is a common refrain.

Take our recent midwinter storm, more than a foot of snow blanketing the area, more along Ontario’s lakeshore communities. Area wide schools closed and thousands of kids are home.

Oh, my, what to do? No school and big snow.

In today’s frenetic world with many dual income households, ‘what to do’ (with a weekday full of kids) can be a challenge. But, back in the day, ‘life was simpler’. In my blue collar, working class neighborhood, one parent was always home, the mom, so supervision and care was not an issue. Thus, a ‘snow day’ likely meant hours of outdoor physical activity for us kids, work followed by play. Limited options. ‘Life was simpler, then’.

A shovel was the tool for work and a…

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  1. Living in Central London, we didn’t get time off school for snow. We were expected to walk there anyway, so transport wasn’t an issue. And I never had a sled, as there were no open spaces with slopes large enough to make one work.
    We had to settle for snowball fights instead.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Every childhood has its own unique ways of passing time. I can only imagine what growing up in a city like London must have been like. Where I grew up, I could never have imagined such a place.

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    2. Pete, with as much snow as we get, average 90-100 inches per season, it’s rare that we have school cancelled. There are a lot of kids who take a school bus and that’s taken into consideration when evaluating the weather’s affect in schools. We’ve got a small front coming through tomorrow night and expect 3-5 inches overnight but buy won’t stop school, or traffic.

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  2. Maggie, thank you for reposting my ‘memory’. I appreciate your nice gesture. Apparently, as I was told by another reader, my post did not have a place for Comments and I don’t know how to correct it. Thanks, again.

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    1. Steve, I loved your memory and as you may have seen, I have similar memories.

      I have had the missing comment box happen to me in the past. I was able to go back and edit the post. There should be a check box that says Allow Comments or something like that.

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      1. Thanks. I’ll investigate. I want to make sure if a Hollywood agent who wants to make a movie sees it and writes a message for me. Now, I’m dead in the water 😂😂😂

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  3. Since there were four of us and only one sled, we took turns with cookie sheets. We had a big hill at home and went down it for hours. No traffic there.

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