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I am so pleased to reblog this post. Mary Smith, a writer and blogger I have come to admire, was featured on television with Keith Kirk, the coauthor of her book “Secret Dumfries”. It was lovely to watch. The book is available on Amazon. Enjoy the show. 😊

Mary Smith's Place

A couple of months ago when Keith Kirk and I were launching Secret Dumfries we were thrilled to be invited to be filmed on ITV’s popular programme Border Life.

Border life

Of course, the programme could not be seen to advertise our book. There was a mention of a new book out but I don’t think they even gave its name.

Despite initial nerves (mine anyway, don’t know about Keith – he seemed very relaxed), we had a fabulous day. Presenter Lori Carnochan met us with cameraman Paul Robinson at Crichton Hall, formerly the Crichton Royal Lunatic Asylum. Here we explored the basement with its fantastic wine cellars where the wealthy patients kept their wine supplies. And debated the mystery of the ‘secret tunnels’.

Camaraman Paul, had me and Lori walking down the stairs umpteen times, and another umpteen times to walk along the corridor before he was satisfied he had the…

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  1. I commented back in 2018, Maggie.
    Mary is such a nice lady, and an engaged blogger. Her blog series about working in Afghanistan many years ago is fascinating to read.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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