JusJoJan – Can’t You Just Keep Us Grounded?

Darn you gravity! I mean, what would we do without you? You keep us grounded and stable on our feet. But I’ve got your number now. You prefer the young.

The fluid and the little hairs in our ears are impacted by the pull of gravity. It’s pretty complex, scientifically, but it helps us keep our balance and helps the communication between body and brain as to our position. Sounds important, right?

Enter vertigo. That tricky, unnerving and totally miserable malady that prevents our body from literally understanding “what’s up”. Since retiring, I have had several episodes of severe vertigo and it changes your life. I can be standing, sitting or lying down and my brain tells me I am spinning out of control. I cannot keep my balance, struggling to put one foot in front of the other. Logically, I know what position my body is in, but my brain questions everything.

But gravity is not content with that. It pulls constantly at our nose and ears, pulling the cartilage closer to the earth, elongating our nose and ears as we grow older. Not cool. Adding insult to injury, gravity teams up with with the collagen who gets lazy in old age and causes our lips and cheeks to lose volume, only emphasizing the tricks gravity is already playing.

Perhaps standing on my head would help pull my features back into place, but I am afraid it would wreak havoc on my vertigo.

Old age and gravity are not friendly bedfellows.

This post is inspired by Linda Hill’s Just Jot it January. The prompt today was provided by Zhēnzhēn 贞珍 from her blog Hinuha. Take time to visit both.



11 thoughts on “JusJoJan – Can’t You Just Keep Us Grounded?”

  1. Usually, if I start having problems with balance, it’s due to an inner ear infection. Luckily, I haven’t had one in a long time. Have you tried that medication Antivert? The dr gave me that one time when I had vertigo.

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  2. I have positional vertigo. Most of the time it is manageable, but if I turn over on my back during the night, the resulting sensation is terrifying.
    In case anyone is interested in the details of what causes it. :)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. So sorry for your vertigo issues Maggie. I hope the incidences are less frequent. So debilitating
    As for all the other facts about gravity and our bodies……not very uplifting! 🤔😢

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