SoCS – Was This the Year of Our Discontent?

Linda has challenged us with a seemingly simple task today. Let’s just see where this goes. Nothing is coming to mind so this may be the stream of unconsciousness!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “year.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

My head is empty. Nada. Year? Come on, there must be something. Oh, yeah, where I grew up when we wanted to confirm something with someone we said “ya hear” which came out sounding much more like “y’ear”. I wonder if that counts?

Of course everyone is talking about the approaching new year. The time when we talk about making changes, our new goals and resolutions. We set ourselves up to fail by shooting for too much too fast. Bah humbug to the new year.

Last night I discovered my outlook for the coming year according to the Chinese Year of the Horse is not really good. Now that is going to haunt me. Why do I read such garbage?

This is also the time we do the ritualistic ‘year in review’. Self assessment to world assessment. CNN took it a step further and did a decade in review of photos from the last decade. Talk about depressing. Tragedy after tragedy. There were positive things happening in the last ten years surely!

year, year, year.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings wrote “The Yearling”. Have you read it? It’s a story of living in the harsh Florida country side before Disney turned Florida into America’s playground. It was at one time the best selling novel in America. I am not sure when that was but I think it must have been around the time of it’s publication.

Speaking of Ms. Rawlings, I have a book written by her maid Idella Parker – “Idella: Marjorie Rawlings’ Perfect Maid”.  I really enjoyed seeing the author in the eyes of Idella and it was a great look at the life of Idella’s life pre-civil rights America.

I do not have any year books from high school. My mom had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and money for non-essentials just was not there. Do you still have your high school year books? What do you think when you see the pictures of your high school self? I was awkward. Not yet grown into myself.

I have not seen any “year end” sales yet. Do businesses do that any more? I suppose those are geared for companies who run their business on a calendar year rather than someone who has a September fiscal year cut off.

2019 is almost a wrap. Another year for the books. And on that note, I think that wraps up this post. I will see you later “y’ear”?

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