Nature’s Gifts

Yesterday we drove into town just to get out of the house for a minute. Weren’t into one store to pick up some a Christmas tags. It was as crowded as before the holiday as we watched people paw over all the post-Christmas decorations. I had forgotten how many people venture out to get this items for next year. Me? I do not plan that far in advance.

We decided to go to Barnes and Nobel and look at books and enjoy a holiday coffee. Since the guitar store was next door, hubby took advantage of stopping in to play a couple of Martin guitars that just were not in Santa’s budget. Not that he wants or needs a guitar. He has an exquisite instrument that he made himself a few years ago. But still, it’s fun.

The skies were starting to darken and we remembered we needed to get home soon because the bird feeders were still out. We did not want to entice any black bears to dine at our back door.


We wanted one more small gift card that we forgot, so we drove over to a local store, hoping we would find one. The racks were depleted. I guess a lot of people received gift cards this year. But what I did find in the parking lot was this beautiful sunset.


At that moment, nothing else was important. I just stood and took in the colors. I almost forgot to pull out my phone and take the picture. And that would have been okay.

The drive home was peaceful and the skies looked different at every turn. Living near the mountains offers so many different views.

As we came around the corner toward our driveway, the headlights cast three shadows. Deer! I urged hubby to backup so I could get a better view. There they were. Three beautiful creatures. I managed to get two of them in the shot before we pulled up the driveway and the noise of the truck startled them.


Sometimes the best gifts of the season are things we had all along.

20 thoughts on “Nature’s Gifts”

  1. So nice to get that sunset, and the deer too.
    I had to smile at the difference in our countries, when you have to get home in time to take in feeders so as not to get bears in your garden! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Loved seeing all the beauty you captured. Your skies were beautiful! Thanks for sharing Mags! 🤗


  3. A neighbor hit a deer a block from our house. Although our town is very built up and deer don’t venture out in the day time, the river and its marshes and woods are near by. I assume that was where the deer came from. A sad moment for our neighbor. So far the bears have stayed on the other side of the Connecticut River.

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    1. It is so devastating when we hit wild animals with our vehicles. In Alaska, moose were often in the road. We were always advised to wait them out as hitting one might be more devastating to the driver and their vehicle than the moose.

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  4. Nice to meet you here Maggie via Rabina’s ‘popsicle society blog’.
    I really enjoyed reading this post, so good to find such irreplaceable things in life at the end of your day.
    Happy Christmas & a peaceful new year to you and yours

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    1. Thank you and welcome, Margaret. It is always nice to see a new face here. We did have a quiet but nice Christmas. I hope you enjoyed your holiday as well.

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