Hot Cocoa Memories

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

It’s the end of another busy day as they all seem to be of late. Days leading up to the holidays always seem to be full. Today is was groceries and last minute short stops at several locations.

It was in the 20°s F last night. This morning was cold and the skies clear which meant we had full winter sun beaming into the windows all day. I spent a good half an hour curled up in a sunbeam on the floor like an old cat. It is now cooling off again so I am treating myself to a cup of hot cocoa.

Hot Coca mixes (which is what I am consuming) are not wonderful. When I was a kid, we had hot cocoa made from Hershey’s cocoa powder, milk and sugar. On a rare occasion, we had marshmallows added. Of course now many companies are fighting lawsuits for the content of cadmium in their cocoa powders. Nothing like heavy metals in your cocoa. Yummm.

I have had Colombian hot chocolate which is good, too. Have you tried it?

The best not chocolate by far was the hot chocolate I had in Interlaken, Switzerland. I wish I think it was Schuh Grand Café Restaurant. It was so nice inside. Small tables covered with pink tablecloths and the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

Now that I am remembering all the good hot chocolate I’ve had in my life, this mix isn’t it. I may need to research a better hot chocolate for my holiday treats. Any suggestions?