Learning to Love

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

“I love you.”

What does that mean and how do the words balance with the actions that show love? I am a ‘hugger’ and I was surprised early on in my life to realize many, many people are not. As I matured, I realized those outward expressions of love (or lack thereof) are deeply rooted.

While I can understand not being comfortable with the physical expression of love, I am still perplexed and learning, 65 years later, why some people push away others who try to love them.

We have such a responsibility to teach and exemplify love to the young people in our circles. Children that do not learn the safe and healthy expression of love, may, in adulthood, seek it out in all the wrong places.

Even basic love and respect for humanity and the earth are missing in so many people. I am constantly reminding myself that there is a balance of those who do have those values. They just seem to be the quiet warriors.

It is so difficult to love someone who will most likely never let you in. To never trust enough to expose their vulnerability.  It does not need to be physical touch, but just receiving love. It is hard for some people.

When I hug someone I love, I can feel the transfer of energy. It is one of the overwhelming  feelings of loss I felt when my father died. Then I realized I felt the same transfer of love and energy from my son’s hugs.

I hope all my children and grandchildren learn to safely express love and caring in their early lives and learn to receive the love of friends and family. I fear adulthood may be too late to learn.