We Are Not Alone Here in the Woods

Now that most of the leaves are off the trees, it is much easier to hear the animals. Turkeys are not unusual to hear, but last night, the sound that permeated the darkness were the coyotes. They were loud and hearing them in the night like that tends to give me the chills. Especially knowing they are close by.

We now have two trail cams. During the day we generally see squirrels, the neighbor’s cat and the occasional bunny. But the dusk and nighttime are much different. These images were taken on the trail cam that sits at the bottom of the hill. The pictures remind us we are not alone here in the mountains.


Digital Camera



This little guy cleans up around the bird feeder every night so I think we will keep him.

We have not seen signs of any bears lately and that suits me fine. No bobcats lately either. But never fear, they are out there making their way like everyone else.