OneLinerWeds – Donuts and Workshops

We have a small liquor store ‘just over the state line’. The owner always puts cute little phrases on his board outside the shop. Yesterday was no different.

We were driving home from lunch at a local tavern where we splurged and dove off our low fat eating regimen. Hubby had a grilled club sandwich with fries and I had fish and chips. The sign made me chuckle.

Onion rings are vegetable donuts.

Yesterday we were up and out early. We attended a Kadomatsu workshop at the North Carolina Arboretum. Kadomatsu is a Japanese traditional greenery arrangement used to herald in the new year. The arrangements use cut bamboo symbolizing shiny swords intended to attract good spirits into the home.

Our instructor, Emiko Suzuki, was kind and bubbly and a pleasure to learn from. She generously shared the history of the tradition as well as her own personal family traditions.

She patiently walked us through making the paper fans and lightening bolts then taught us how to arrange the Kadomatsu. Everyone in attendance made two arrangements, because they are intended to flank the entrance to your home. She even had time to teach us how to make origami cranes to add to our arrangements.

Because we both attended, we ended up with four arrangements. Mine are currently on the hearth of the fireplace ready to welcome Santa into our home!

All around, it was a really nice day.