Beautiful Voices and Valuable Lessons

This morning I have been listening to a few songs by artists that have beautiful and magical voices. I have been deep in thought and I think my thoughts take me to beautiful pieces of artistry like this one:

I have been very busy and not blogging as much as usual. I spent the weekend at a jewelry workshop. I will post some pics in a later blog. It is one of my happy places. One the first day of the workshop, there was discussion of music and a Spotify playlist was played. I faintly remember hearing some Beatles songs, but I get so lost in the process, I tune out most everything around me. This is a sample of what was always my goto music when I had a studio.

This song is a beautiful Māori love song from New Zealand. Her voice is so beautiful and the song lyrics are lovely. It is sad how little the news is reporting on the volcano in New Zealand and the fires in Australia. Our news is filled with too much politics and not enough about our shared humanity.

Then my mind went to this song by Blue October. It is a rather sad song about loss and depression and ways to escape them, but is so beautifully written and performed. I do not care for the official studio recorded video, so here is a clip of the song being performed live. He had lead a tough life, but Justin Furstenfeld is an amazing songwriter.

I have always loved Johnny Mathis. “Chances Are” is an all time favorite. I also love the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, so when I found this recording of “All I Ask of You” I was happy. Not the broadway version, but it still spoke to me.

So, aren’t you glad you stopped by the alphabet soup that is my mind this morning? I will say this video I saw this morning really spoke to me. There are no mistakes. I like that concept.


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