Yesterday we made an impromptu trip to see our grandchildren. Our grandson has a birthday coming up and we wanted to see him and spend a little time celebrating this momentous occasion.

We decided to go early so we could run by Ikea. Since it is a two hour drive from us, we usually only go there when we go to see family. Yesterday we wanted a few small things (kitchen brushes, kitchen towels, squeegees) but we also wanted to pick up a bathroom vanity. In a very traditional market, it is hard to find more contemporary looking designs in the big box stores.

The prior owners of this contemporary looking house chose French provincial bathroom vanities for the two guest bathrooms. They look oddly out of place and are very impractical for guests. We found what we wanted at Ikea, but hubby failed to take one measurement so we worried about making the purchase and then face repacking and returning if it did not fit. So, the purchase will wait until our next trip to see our family.

Our grandson did not know we were coming and he was very excited. His sister, unfortunately, was in bed, sick from a lingering bug. We had a delightful visit. He was excited for his presents and the pizza and cupcakes planned for his evening meal. He is starting to come out of his shyness as he matures, so it is fun to just talk to him.

We were talking about school over dinner. His dad suggested he talk to his teacher to see if he could bring snacks for his class on Friday in celebration of his birthday. A few minutes later he told me he could not wait to go to school tomorrow. I said, “Why are you excited? Because you get to ask about bringing snacks on Friday?” He looked at me, smiled and replied, “No, because of math!” Not an answer I ever expected! I am so thankful he likes his school.

I spent a little time upstairs with his sister, but it was not the visit we had hoped for. She was sick to her stomach. We left around 7:00 pm to head home. On the drive I was texting my granddaughter and we played interactive games through texting. I felt bad for her. Today I will go and and get her a small get-well-gift to cheer her up.

The whole family is recovering from colds and this morning I am feeling a little ‘off’. I am increasing my orange juice intake in an effort to ward off a cold. It was worth the risk, though. It was a great visit.

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  1. Maggie, I enjoyed your blog. Hope your granddaughter gets well quickly. I felt your pain upon getting to the Ikea store only to find you needed one additional measurement before making your purchase. How many times a similar thing has happened to me. “Oops! I left the coupon on the kitchen cabinet,” or “Oops! The light bulb I need for comparison is in our other car!” Life!!!

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    1. I am glad we are not the only ones who forget those small but critical items. My granddaughter is home from school again today. Hopefully she will be on the road to recovery soon.

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  2. So glad you got to see the kids. Hoping you stay healthy but, yes, seeing grandkids is worth a potential sickness!
    And we forget things we need to bring all the time! Just to reinforce that it’s not just you both! Lol.

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  3. You may have dodged a bullet not finding what you needed at Ikea. Their idea of easy to assemble and mine are about two miles apart! At least you got out of the store. I got trapped there one time and nearly panicked about how to find my way out. Of course it is designed to keep you there. Hope the little one recovers fast!

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    1. Hubby is the assembler of all things IKEA. I have also found all the shortcuts so I am not lost in the sea of tiny little rooms. Our granddaughter is well again and back to school.

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      1. Maybe I should use Google Maps when I get lost in IKEA next. I am the household assembler here since I have the most patience.


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