Widower Day 581… my birthday!


If you have a moment, please stop and wish fellow-blogger, Darren, a Happy Birthday.

I am not quite sure how I stumbled on Darren’s blog, but I am glad I did. He has been blogging about his life since the loss of his dear wife Kateri. He has shown all the colors of the emotion that follows the loss of someone you love. I have shared his grief and cheered on his happiness.

I am sure he would love more followers, but if nothing else, maybe you could stop by and drop a birthday wish or two.


Thirty Days of Mo(u)rning

I wanted to do a bloggery at some point this weekend because Friday the 22nd was Kateri’s monthly death date anniversary… and today is my birthday… yay! I took yesterday off and it’s been a good couple of days so far… a lot of thinking, relaxing, and remembering. But I don’t feel like throwing myself into an emotional three hours of writing about crap, so this morning… I made a video on the way back to bed from getting my birthday morning coffee… and never got back into bed.

Widower Notes n Thoughts:

  • It’s been heartwarming receiving little messages and phone calls from friends and family wishing me a Happy Birthday! You…. are awesome!… and thank-you!

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    1. I am not sure Darren saw this, Elizabeth, but I will get it to him. Thank you so much for taking the time to read his blog and send birthday wishes.

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