Stomach Bug

I was hit with a stomach bug last night. I have been feeling a bit ‘puny’ today and have done very little.

I did write some on my NaNoWriMo novel but that is about all I accomplished. I also took a few minutes to step outside for a little fresh air and to observe the last bits of fall color. So many of our trees are bare now.

Hopefully, I will be more up to par tomorrow and will feel like writing a bit more. In the meantime, enjoy these four photos I snapped.


IMG_0047IMG_0053 2IMG_0056

IMG_3222Now, where did those flowers come from in the midst of this crazy weather?

15 thoughts on “Stomach Bug”

    1. Dan, the lovely thing about wildflowers is they do what they please. I thought the leaves looked like they were floating, too. The wind this morning brought a few more to the ground. It won’t be long now although some of the birch leaves will hang on 7ntil spring.

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