FOWC with Fandango


I followed Fandango’s link here to Christine’s post. She asks the questions many of us have been asking for years. I think it is important to be vocal. To take a stand and use that as momentum when we go to the polls. Our legislators have ‘normalized’ these horrors so much, I can always see the responses before they are spewed all over the news. I knew after Sandy Hook how little we as a whole disregard the lives our children. No parent or child should face these kinds of fears. We must take ownership of our part when we vote for people who do not care about the future of our children.

Thank you Christine, for giving voice to the questions all Americans should be asking.

Stine Writing



Can you believe that there was another shooting? Can you believe there have been 44 school shootings just this year? Can you even try to find a reason as to why this continues to happen? Can you imagine what these people are going through? Can you feel the pain they feel? Can you feel how scared they are? Can you think of a way to stop this? Can you make any sense of this? Can you find a way to keep others safe? Can our kids go to school and be safe? Can we go to work and be safe? Can we find a way to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people? Can we work together to find a solution? Can we try to help the people who are so sick? Can we just stop this violence? Can I do something? Can you do…

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7 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango”

  1. I am encouraged by the Sandy Hook lawsuit going forward against Remington for promoting the AK gun for personal use. That is a novel way to approach it and may have an effect in the long run.

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  2. Our country is just becoming unrecognizable. If we don’t see changes soon, I fear there will be no way to fix it.


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