Holed Up for the Day

The plumbers showed up early and ahead of schedule. That is great and I was allowing myself to think an early start means an early finish. I am so naive sometimes. I forgot to compute the time for kibitzing about the job, trying to figure out why it had been installed in this way, complaints about the electrician not showing up on time and of course there was the up-sell offer of a recirculating pump for more on-demand hot water. I have written about what I call “men in trucks” in my old blog A Life Worth Living.

It is more than I can handle so I retreated to the den to spend my day writing. That is unless they turn off the water main to the house. If that happens, I may go spend some time writing at the local library.

The library has been my sanctuary many times. When we bought our house in Winter Park, FL, we were hit with three hurricanes the following summer. The first storm, Charlie took an unexpected turn which left everyone scrambling to prepare. We were fortunate to have only tree damage, but we were without power and A/C for seven days. I was working from home at the time and unlike hubby I did not have an air conditioned office to go to everyday. Luckily our library’s power was underground and I was grateful to spend several hours a day there where I could work and charge my devices — all in a cool environment.

We boarded our windows for the second storm and left them boarded until the third storm came through. It was miserable living in the house at that time. We lost power again, so not only was the house hot and damp, it was dark. With no power, there were no lights, so again, a large portion of the day was spent at the library.

I had never considered having a home office meant that for every home project, I would be the one to be present while contractors worked. Roof replacement, window replacement, interior and exterior painting and oh, let’s not forget having the house re-plumbed. I will never forget the 36 holes they had to cut in the drywall to make that happen.

Today I am surrounding myself with a bubble of positivity. It is all going to come off without a hitch.


23 thoughts on “Holed Up for the Day”

  1. it does sound quite appealing to retreat to your den to spend the day writing, but I guess life gets in the way sometimes. And nice to hear that your local library came through when there was a power outage; every community needs a library!

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  2. Fingers crossed for you, Maggie. We have the painter coming to decorate the living room soon. Only three days of work, but I am already dreading the disruption!
    (If I lived alone, I doubt I would ever get any work done on the house. 🙂 )
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Hoping all goes as planned for you today. I, too, am the default person who ends up waiting for/dealing with men in trucks. Most of the time I take it in stride, but there are times… 😳

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    1. Dan, it all went well. It was a lot of work removing and draining the old tank, re-wiring and re-plumbing for the move to the garage and then the installation itself. The inspector will come out Wednesday so fingers crossed.

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  4. Sending all good wishes for a speedy completion of the plumbing job! These things are trying under the best of circumstances, it has always seemed to me. And, as a lover of peaceful, quiet surroundings, just the hubbub (pounding, drilling, etc) is enough to make me on edge…

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  5. Since I live next door to my daughter I do double duty as the person at home. I dislike the four hour windows some places give you for their arrival. Interferes with my nap routine!

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