Sooooo Frustrated


My post from this morning is still not showing up in the WordPress reader. I suspected as much because I cannot see it myself and I also had someone check for me and they did not see it either.

The only odd thing about this is that I copied and pasted this post. It was scheduled which I have done over and over. It is in WordPress land because I can search and find it in the reader. I checked my WordPress feed and the post is there. I have cleared my cache, used different browsers, etc. Nada. No real hints on a problem when I researched it either.

If this post also disappears into oblivion, then I will scream for help to the happiness engineers.

Today I bought a new iPhone helped along with a generous gift card from my son. It’s long overdue as anyone who ever talks to me can attest. It loves to squeal in the middle of calls. I passed on letting them set the phone up. I will do it this weekend. Not tonight, though. I am all teched out.

I also bought a new book. – Margaret Atwood’s “The Testaments”. I may not have time to start it until December, but at least it is in the queue.

This morning I was up early to start my NaNoWriMo challenge. I wrote for 45 minutes and came close to my goal for the day. I will write more tonight. Right now I am in love with neither the characters nor the storyline. I need to invoke some magic to make this worthwhile.

If anyone out there sees this post and has any ideas on what might be going bonkers on me, give me a shout.

For now, I think I’ll have a cup of tea and relax.

23 thoughts on “Sooooo Frustrated”

    1. Dan, I have been wondering if the app might be the culprit. I have had comments disappear into thin air from the app before. The post did show up in Reader, just 8 hours or so after it was posted.

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      1. If you read the version history of the app, almost every release is followed by a point release with the same description. I think they have been making BBC a lot of changes. I’m glad your post finally arrived.

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        1. I uninstalled the app, Dan. Too many problems. I will try it again in a few weeks. I also have a request into the happiness engineers so we shall see.

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  1. I haven’t seen it, Maggie. But this one obviously appeared.
    I’m thinking of buying ‘Testaments’, once I get through the current pile waiting on my Kindle.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Hi, Pete. It was delivered via email with no problem, just took 8 hours to find its way into the reader. I am looking forward to reading The Testaments. I am feeling like maybe I should download A Handmaid’s Tale from the library first, though.w

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    1. Yes, that was the one. It finally made it into the reader but there was an 8 hour delay. I shall see how the next few posts go.


    1. Fixed again, Pete. I think these ills may be related to using the WordPress app. I may need to revert back to always using my laptop.


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