1LinerWednesday – Switzerland

“I’ve always wanted to go to Switzerland to see what the army does with those wee red knives.”– Billy Connolly

D-M Commons, Wenger EvoGrip S17, CC BY-SA 3.0

This caught my eye this morning because we have so many of these little knives lying around the house. Several people in our family have surrendered them at airport security when forgotten in the front pocket of a man’s trousers. I never carried a knife but I did have a credit-card-sized plastic case that had all the similar gadgets.

When I went to Switzerland, I bought a wood carving — not a knife.

Many southern men always carry a pocket knife. I borrow hubby’s and use it more than he does. I can always rely on him to have one with him — except when we fly.

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22 thoughts on “1LinerWednesday – Switzerland”

  1. Years ago I did the administration for a bar in a rougher area of the city. A promotion salesman came in wanting to sell us cases of these pocket knives to give away to the patrons. No not a good idea in that place😲

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    1. No, that does not sound like a good idea at all. (I was wary to approve your comment because your Gravatar points to a non-existent blog. I found your current blogs through Google. Others may react similarly.)


  2. I have that same knife, in black. It was part of my leaving gift when I retired. I keep it in a shoulder bag that I use when taking out my camera. I have not had to remove a stone from a horse’s hoof yet though. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I have had to surrender a pocket knife at TSA a few times. They end up in my laptop backpack. I always have one in a pouch of gizzmos in my checked bag, but I try to remember to get them out of the carry on stuff. I like the quote 🙂

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    1. I liked the quote, too, Dan. We have all had to re-learn what we keep tucked away in our carryons. I noticed I took a rock specimen to NH. Luckily it must not have had much metal in it.

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      1. I had flown four times earlier this year, with a small, shoulder-style iPad case. It went through TSA just fine. I had to visit the local Social Security office, and they sent me back to my car after the guard found a pocketknife in one of the pouches.

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        1. Ha! But, Dan, people can lose it in government offices these days. It makes you wonder about security, though. I am still wondering how the woman with no ticket keeps getting on airplanes all over the U,S,

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  4. This post made me laugh. I had opened my Amazon package with my Swiss Army knife and left it open on the table. My husband has just started a new job, with lots of newbie training. He said he was going to give me a STOP card because of the health and safety violation. I told him what he could do with it…

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    1. Ha! Maybe it was not safety but a sneaky way to STOP your Amazon purchases. Good thing you had the perfect comeback. I always close mine because I can be so clumsy. Don’t want to drop that on my toe.

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  5. My husband once was carrying his pocket knife going through security for the boat to Ellis Island. Fortunately the guard kept it for him and gave it back when we returned from our boat ride. He always has a knife in his pocket.

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      1. My husband also got pulled aside for a water bottle in his gym bag. He is so polite that he apologized for inconveniencing the guard. I think he was the same of the Ellis Island boat.

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