Retreat Retrospective

Being an introvert, making the decision to attend a women’s retreat can be daunting. Spending 3 or 4 days with women I have never met might be enough to convince me to give the whole idea a hard pass. I may never understand fully what called me to attend the Seasons of Surrender retreat, but I am glad I listened.

This gathering of 7 women from throughout the U.S. was amazing. I witnessed sturdy walls of self-protection crumble around me. I was allowing myself to be seen which normally exhausts me and leaves me feeling empty. So what was different this time? I think others in attendance had similar experiences which somehow filled the void with compassion, empathy and a growing trust in these women.

The retreat was hosted and led by Kim Halsey. It is difficult to find the words to describe Kim so that you can understand the magic she is able to create around healing ourselves. She created a place of trust and safety and held space for each of us to come into our own for which I will be forever grateful. I can never thank her enough.

As many of my readers know, part of my desire to go back to New England was to reclaim that part of the country and release the trauma I experienced there. Arriving in Boston I felt the glorious chill of fall. A severe storm was threatening 75 mph winds and rains capable of flooding. Everyone was anxious to get out of the city before the weather shifted. I boarded the Dartmouth Coach which transported me in style to New London, NH where I was picked up and transported to the AirBnB which would be our home for the duration of the retreat.

I arrived at dusk but the gold and red hues from the trees were still evident. We had storms that night but never lost sleep or power — unlike many in Boston. The house was warm and welcoming. We were surrounded by fall color and a view of Lake Sunapee which was most relaxing! We even had an evening around the fire pit where we released the drama of our lives.

Throughout the retreat there was abundant laughter peppered with tears of acknowledgement as our eyes were opened inward. It was remarkable. I learned so much about myself and about the other women who are traversing the same landscape of being a woman in present day America.

We participated in a very powerful exercise about our place in our family and how those family interactions have followed us throughout our lives. It was more revealing than I could have imagined.

There were pockets of free time and I took advantage of a few walks to take in the fall color. It was glorious. I discovered a new love for New England.

We each had a choice of a free float in a sensory deprivation tank or a Reiki session with Sarah. I chose Reiki. Sarah has a gentle and welcoming aura around her. It was a beautiful and relaxing session in which I saw intense colors moving and surrendering to the higher power (my interpretation). I was filled with gratitude and appreciate this gift of herself that Sarah gave each of us.

Throughout the retreat we shared our experiences of being a woman in this world — both the opportunities and the limitations — and how we are capable of shifting our paths through our own awareness.

We concluded the retreat by revealing our dreams and allowing each other to be our dream team in helping us find our way through the obstacles that have held us back. It was the perfect way to end our time together — in support of our individual dreams.

Throughout the weekend we were treated to an overabundance of home cooked food — everything from chili to stuffed pumpkins to soup to s’mores. No one went hungry.

I had a chance to meet my long-time online friend, Lauren (who also practices a daily gratitude blog) and it was so wonderful to meet her face-to-face and strengthen our friendship. She is a wonderfully sweet and kind soul and meeting her was something I had really looked forward to. We will be friends for life.

I hope that more women have such opportunities. This is Kim’s passion. She is authentic and skilled and allows herself to be vulnerable alongside us as we all grow together. I am sending positive energy into the universe as she does this work with other women.

To the women who shared this experience with me, I thank you. I hold nothing but love for you and wish you success on your upcoming journeys.

25 thoughts on “Retreat Retrospective”

  1. Maggie you did a lovely job describing the retreat. It was awesome and even more than I expected. I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet my dear friends. I am so grateful for being in your presence. You are a gifted spiritual soul. Thank you for being my friend.
    Love you.

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  2. Retreat space is so remarkable with the right combination of place, people, and the right questions. Thank you for sharing your experience. So great that you and Lauren were able to meet in person!

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  3. so happy for you, Maggie. sounds like the retreat was nothing short of wonderful and amazing experience for you. thank you for sharing and posting the splendor of fall. 🙂 🙂

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  4. It was hard not talking to both you Ms Maggie & Lauren for the few days that you were gone… I missed you both more than I thought I would… but this morning when i opened up your writing and began to read I saw that you and Lauren have both returned to abundance of heart filled glitter… i am so so glad that the work and comfort of the past year and a half (since we all met) that we have all put in has delivered you both the beauty and connection of a friendship that will be etched in your lives forever.

    So glad to feel the rejoicing and rejuvenation in the words that you write in gratitude to Kim & the other women in attendance of your beautiful tome away in the wilderness that was far and away from your comfort zones, but an experience that has delivered a greater appreciation and abundance of self strength and comfort.

    Glad you are home

    Catch up soon “My Tribe” xxx

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  5. Maggie, I was so happy to read your beautifully described experience. New England in the Fall is Heaven and so it was the perfect setting for you all to meet and have your amazing experiences. I look forward hearing more details. Sounds like something that most women who have traveled thru life and hold onto thoughts like you described, would benefit greatly. I feel, after reading your blog, that I need this too. Maybe someday! Would Kim consider Sedona? The colors of the,rocks and peaceful surroundings are magical in another way! Thank you, as always, for sharing and imparting such important information.

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    1. Kim would definitely consider Sedona! As a matter of fact, we talked about Sedona as a place she should go. Do you know women who would want to attend? If you are seriously considering it, let me know and I will give her your contact info.

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  6. The retreat sounds wonderful! I’ve been on retreats for other things and have had an amazing time. It would have been a delight to meet you, Lauren, and Kim and the other ladies, especially in such a colorful but relaxing setting.

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  7. You picked the best possible time to reconnect with New England, and New Hampshire is one of our best ambassadors. Your pictures are beautiful. I’m glad the retreat was a good experience.

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    1. Elizabeth, I have known of Kim for a long time, but had never attended any of her retreats or workshops nor had I experienced her as a coach. This was a leap of faith and my trip back to New England was long overdue. It was beautiful.

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  8. As an introvert, I must say You Are Brave and Your Risk Was Worthy! ❤ Proof sometimes we need to take that leap of faith. I'm glad you had such a magnificent experience and I thank you for sharing it along with your beeeautiful photos!

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