My Recovery Part I: The Mesh Pantie Party


My daughter’s blog is now moving into her experience with recovery after her hysterectomy. Warning though, she talks about mesh hospital underwear, UTI’s and gas pains. I am so proud of her. She has already heard from several people who have made decisions about their own health after reading her blog. This was her intent all along and I am so proud of her. If you know someone who is suffering from fibroids or endometriosis or any other of the vast array of “female problems” please share her blog with them.

Two Moms And A Toddler

The afternoon of my surgery is fuzzy. I don’t remember much because of the anesthesia. I remember my doctor came to see me in the recovery room and talked to me briefly. He wanted me to stay in the hospital for one more night (normally patients can go home the same day) because of my anemia. He wanted to monitor my levels. I remember that after my 5 transfusions, my hemoglobin was a 9.4 before going into surgery and it was a 9.8 directly following the surgery. That was a crazy great improvement! I remember saying to the nurse “SHUT. UP! Are you SERIOUS?” She looked truly upset and said “Are you okay? Are you mad?” I explained to her that when I said shut up, I didn’t MEAN for her to shut up (literally) was a good thing. My levels hadn’t been that high since my anemia was discovered…

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