When I first started taking photos, I decided to upload a few photos for other people to use. I was not accomplished enough to submit my photos to some of the bigger stock photo companies, so I chose Morguefile. I was curious if people would download my photos.

I had used photos from Morguefile and while the quality was often lacking, occasionally I was able to find some that were very nice. Since that time, their stock now contains some beautiful images and amateur level photos are still there.

Last night I stumbled on one of my photos online and it piqued my curiosity. I went to my repository on Morguefile to see how many times my photos had been downloaded. It was a rabbit hole of curiosity.

My most popular photo was one I took of a group jingle bell napkin rings. It was downloaded 1,643 times. Of course, I was only credited a few times.

Photo by MagCindy at (Me)

Several photos I submitted were used on YouTube channels, in religious publications, blogs, etc. Who knows where else, especially for those who did not credit the photo. Now if I had cared about that too much, I would never have uploaded them.

I once had someone use my photograph as inspiration for a painting. She sent me a photo of the completed painting which was nice.

I am still not at the level of taking professional stock photos. But this was an interesting venture 11 years ago. Now my photos are for me more than anyone else.


13 thoughts on “Morguefile”

  1. That’s a very nice photo, Maggie. I believe that I have had my photos used on other sites, but not that often. I don’t mind, and consider it quite flattering. Unlike many photo bloggers, I don’t watermark them or copyright them, but I can see why they do that.
    Best wishes, Pete. 🙂

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    1. I get it, too. When someone is trying to make a living as a photographer or wants to publish them, it is understandable. These were just ‘tests’ but I found it interesting what people liked.

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    1. That’s about 149 per year. Not bad. Nice to know it helped someone. I might feel differently if it was on an unscrupulous website.


  2. That is a great shot so I can see why it would be in demand. It’s a shame that there’s no $$$ in it for you. Sadly the lack of credit/citation by those who have used it doesn’t surprise me.
    It seems like a whole generation of people (or maybe two) are clueless to the concept of copyrights. They think that if they find something they like on the internet they can just copy and use it at will in any way they see fit. This part of the online world feels a lot like the wild west right now; no rules, no laws, and everyone does and says whatever they want 😦

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    1. Thank you, Norm. Back in the day, making money was not my goal, but then I never knew such a simple photo would be so popular. I try hard to properly credit photos I use and if they are copyrighted, I do not use them, simple as that.

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  3. It is a really pretty picture. I’ve seen my shots stolen on Instagram. I’ve never cared much about digital ownership. I guess if people were making money from my work, I’d be upset, cause I’m not, but just for sharing and enjoying, meh, whatever. (I do have my settings private now, so that’s cutting down on it, but I’m more worried about who sees my kids… )


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