I Am Excellent at Wasting Time

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This morning I have truly just wasted hours. I got up determined to do a few things. First on the list was deciding on a new theme for my blog.

There are things I like in theme format:

  • Flexibility
  • A sidebar
  • Responsiveness for mobile devices
  • One that does not require use of featured images
  • Free

So I spent a good amount of time looking and sampling themes. I have done enough web design to know that each theme may require some tweaking on my part, but if the layout is hinky to start with, I stay away from it.

More themes are moving away from sidebars which make me wonder if I want it more for myself than for others. I need to think about that a little longer.

I also want to change the title and goal of my blog and there is still the task of moving to my own domain so I can eliminate the ads the free version requires.

I am happy to report I made no decisions. I just made my decision harder on myself.

I also spent some time looking at a few odd comments which had no Gravatar or blog associated with them. I know those could be from non-bloggers, but I did not approve a couple of comments that may have been okay, but they could also be lightweight spammers. Moving on…

Then I started thinking about a class I want to take at John C. Campbell Folk School. When we were at the Folk Art Center on the Parkway, I saw some beautiful kaleidoscopes. I have always had a fascination for them, so taking a class to learn to make my own sounds amazing. I spent a lot of time researching the instructor, looking at YouTube videos and researching buying my own kit. Bottom line, the quality is really only achieved by learning the precise steps in making my own. I am talking about a brass tube with high quality mirrors and beautiful glass. Now I am intrigued.

I have also been mulling around ideas for my NaNo novel. I am late in the game for outlines and such, but I am usually a fly by the seat of my pants writer anyway. Just realized taking a kaleidoscope class in November is a bad idea. Maybe January,

This is how my disjointed Monday thinking has been so far. Good thing I did not have a job to go to.

26 thoughts on “I Am Excellent at Wasting Time”

  1. When I was about six years old, my Mum bought me a kaleidoscope from a branch of Woolworth’s, in south London. It was only a cardboard tube, with a twisty end section, but it lasted for many years, until I tired of looking through it.
    I loved to see the different patterns it created, which seemed to me to be different every time.
    If you are going to make one, I hope that you share the process with us on your blog, Maggie. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I will definitely share, Pete. I had a cardboard kaleidoscope, too. I loved the changing vies. The higher end kaleidoscopes are much more satisfying to gaze through.

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  2. Not sure why but this blog was super fun to read…It was like I was in your brain with you just bouncing from topic to topic while getting nothing done! Thank you for that! ❤

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  3. Its called RETIREMENT and this type of day fits that category!!
    BTW, we have a store that IS a kaleidoscope shop in Jerome. Amazing ones from tiny to VERY large!! Just saying, IN CASE you need a place to visit and ponder!! Lol.

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    1. Is Jerome the little town as you head across the mountain? I think we went there but I do not remember that shop.


  4. I’ve stuck with my blog template for more years than I usually do because I like its sidebar. I’m not taken with having all my sidebar stuff hidden under one tab at the top of my blog or tossed at the bottom of my blog. Seems sneaky &/or sloppy to me. I’ll be interested in seeing what you choose if you decide to revamp your blog.

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    1. There are several I can choose from, Ally. I just need to make a decision. I will definitely let you know. What theme are you using at present?

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      1. I have Twenty Fifteen and I like it. I’ve tweaked it a little bit, but I’m an old-school style blogger so it fits my vibe. There’s nothing cutting edge about me!

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  5. I got sidetracked a while back by the idea of changing the theme. I got overwhelmed. Yours is readable. I think it works just fine. Some of the fancier ones are really hard to read.

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  6. Sounds like you had a research day. Theme browsing can really eat up some time though. I don’t know why it has to be so complicated. Anyway, it’s okay to have days like that sometimes.

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