Moving Slowly Into Fall

This morning there is evidence of change outside my window.

Two Rose Breasted Grosbeaks arrived this morning. Evidence of their migration south. We only see them in the spring and the fall as they pass through toward their ultimate destination. They only migrate at night, so their visit here must have been for refueling. The color of the males has faded from bright red to a dark pink now. When they come back in spring they will be bright red.

Rose Breasted Grosbeak – Image Courtesy of Pixabay

The hummingbirds are still here, but they may be different birds rather than the same birds every day. They are flying much slower now that the air has suddenly gone cool. This makes them more vulnerable to predators.

The air is cool, the sky overcast. It almost feels somber.

Maybe that is because we had a bird strike the window this morning. Hubby donned some gloves and rescued it, putting it on a warm towel. It is up standing now, but whether it will survive, it is too early to say. It makes me sad to see this happen. There are so many homes like ours with windows that fool the birds as they see the reflection of the trees and think it is a continuation of the tree line. Bird strikes are one of the leading causes of bird deaths in the U.S.

The goldfinches have lost their yellow color in favor of their winter brown. They will be faithful visitors to the feeder all year, as will the cardinals. The downy woodpeckers are not happy that we have run out of suet. They have a very discerning palate.

We finally had some rain over the last two days. Very scant amounts, but enough to brighten up the green color of the leaves. Yesterday we cleaned out our raised beds and planted our fall vegetables. We will enjoy lettuce, and hopefully kale and Swiss chard until it gets really cold. We ran out of room before we could set any onions or plant any radish seeds.

The direction of the sun has changed. It will not be long before the sunbeams will again warm the floors of our living room.

I wonder how many falls I have experienced without noticing any of this? Quite a few I am afraid. I think this is one of my greatest pleasures in retirement. My life has slowed down and I can see all the things a structured and busy life pulls us away from.

15 thoughts on “Moving Slowly Into Fall”

  1. Our change was heralded by another ten hours of torrential rain. It has broken the banks of the river where I walk Ollie, and also caused ground water to flood our shed in the garden. I am so tired of sitting in relative darkness and listening to rain, (and walking about in it) that I actually feel in very low spirits this afternoon.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Oh, no, Pete. You had such a time with the rain earlier in the year. I can understand feeling a little down in those circumstances. It has been so dry here, there are now some concerns about fires. It seems our weather throughout the world has really shifted. I hope you get some relief soon.

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