H is for Hysterectomy


I am always amazed at how brave and vulnerable my daughter has been in sharing her story about her emergency hysterectomy. In her blog today, she shares her experience with the actual surgery and all the fear she had about going under anesthesia. It is a fear many of us can relate to, — giving up control and trusting others to keep us alive.

Two Moms And A Toddler

This is the one. This is the blog where I talk about my actual hysterectomy so if you’re a woman seeking answers to the unknown, my hope is that this particular segment will bring you some peace of mind and some comfort. First, I want to say that every hysterectomy experience is different. A lot of what you’ll experience is dependent on the type of hysterectomy you have.

The first hysterectomy in history was performed in 1843 in Manchester England and the first total (uterus and cervix removed)abdominal hysterectomy was performed in 1910. Unfortunately, in these times, these surgeries had a 70% mortality rate mainly due to sepsis but also hemorrhage, a condition known as peritonitis which is when there is inflammation in the tissue that lines the inner wall of the abdomen, and exhaustion. Oh! And it was done with NO anesthesia. Luckily for we women, there have been…

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5 thoughts on “H is for Hysterectomy”

    1. Thank you for your prayers, Lisa. 29 is so young to have such surgery and must have been a difficult decision. But life with endometriosis can be so.difficult. I hope you found relief and healing.

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      1. Wouldn’t have changed it for the world. I had my 3 children, lost my 4th because of the endometriosis. It was a no brainer. Unfortunatley, the ovaries had to go too. I’ve been on hormones for 25 years. They just took me off of them last December & I’ve been miserable. Metapause hasn’t been nice to me. I feel great otherwise & have no regrets.


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