If Given Wings


It takes so little to take a step toward who we want to be. So many of us seem to be blocked. I know I have had times in my life I recoiled from something usually out of fear. Today I talked to someone who was given great opportunity — wings if you will — and yet they would not budge.

I started to wonder how many of us walk away from opportunity or joy or happiness out of fear. But fear of what? I wonder if we were given wings if we would even try to fly?

What do you dream of? What do you hope for? I ask myself these questions. I am happy and content, but would I love to soar?

“If you never dream of flying, then you’ll never wake up with wings.”
― Natalie Kendall

The photo above struck me when I saw it. A child with wings sitting on the ground. I altered the photo to remove some detail so as not to detract from the strong message.

Life is full of gifts and one of those gifts is wings. Gossamer wings waiting to be spread. Wings capable of taking us to far-away places or to simply allow us to rise and float above the world for a better view.

I think wings unused may weigh us down. Maybe those turn into regrets that weigh heavy on us.

At this phase of my life, I am not in search of a new job or scratching my way to make more money. I just want to enjoy this life I have been blessed to live. That does not mean I do not wish to fly. I am just not flying toward the same thing others are in search of.

So, how about it? If you were given wings would you sit on the ground or would you take that leap and learn to fly?


25 thoughts on “If Given Wings”

  1. I am still trying to launch a search to find my ” purpose” and learn to fly. I think I know what I’m meant to do but I’m holding back because it has scary consequences! It would involve animal rescue, but at this stage of my life I think it would be hard. I’m very conflicted, and still stuck on the ground!! Lol.

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  2. This resonated with me, as I have turned down the chance to use my ‘wings’ too many times during my life. There was a time when that left me bitter and frustrated, until I finally realised that I only had myself to blame.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, it does us no good to live in regret or bitterness. I am learning to shed those old feelings. The weight is too heavy to carry with us. Now I want to use my wings for a sense of fulfillment or happiness, not financial gain or position. There was a time, though, when my goals were much different.

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  3. I think you’ve summed it up nicely in your second to the last paragraph. Perhaps the idea of contentment needs a revival? Thank you for sharing a wonderful thought-provoking post.

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    1. I hope you find your answers. I learned with age, my aspirations changed. It does take some thought to decide just where we desire to go and who we desire to be. Good luck with your process, Dan.

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  4. Excellent question. I grew up in an environment obsessed with roots, but I used my wings to fly away from that. Right now, at this age, I’d use my wings to see more of the world but only in small flights of fancy. I like being at home in my cocoon. I’m a contented butterfly, oh yes I am.

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    1. Ally, I agree with a lot of what you shared. I love where I live and I am content with my life. There are still things I want to do and see and achieve. I love your term “flights of fancy”.

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  5. I think at the moment I would be content to sit and listen to the wind rustle through my wings, reminding me they are always ready for an adventure but not pressuring me at all.

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  6. I’m finding such joy in spreading my wings right now. And I say spread because I believe I’ve always had them — and you’re right..unused, they can weigh you down. Fear and I have a new power dynamic since my surgery…So I vote, spread and fly! (But I’ll admit that’s not always easy) ❤ Great blog!

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  7. Wow, Maggie, that is a powerful question. I need to ponder it. I will say that I probably stayed in the ‘comfort zone’ too long when I probably should have moved on but hindsight is 20-20, as they say. I would like to think that I would put those wings to good use, but …

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    1. Steve, I think that happens to all of us. I will admit sometimes unfurling those wings and flying resulted in a turbulent journey, but the end result was always worthwhile.

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  8. I have let fear stop me from taking certain leaps of faith in the past, but then I wonder if maybe there was a different path for me to take, Wings can wait until we’re ready as long as we flex them now and then to keep them in shape. I think I’d like to glide. Good food for thought!

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    1. Fear is always lurking in the background, JoAnna. Sometimes, we need to follow our passion and go where the wind guides us. Not always easy to do and not always a smooth ride. I think you are right, though, flexing and preparing are important Until the time is at hand.

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  9. I loved this post, Maggie, when I first read it, and have worked back through your posts to find it again (since we’ve been traveling, etc.)

    I think it’s always worth spreading wings to embrace new things, shedding fears to try something new, or experience a new place. It’s different for all of us what that might be.

    But it’s always worth it, in my experience. I always try to step through my hesitation, stick-in-the-mud tendencies, and Eeyore-world-outlook to push ahead.


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