If Given Wings


It takes so little to take a step toward who we want to be. So many of us seem to be blocked. I know I have had times in my life I recoiled from something usually out of fear. Today I talked to someone who was given great opportunity — wings if you will — and yet they would not budge.

I started to wonder how many of us walk away from opportunity or joy or happiness out of fear. But fear of what? I wonder if we were given wings if we would even try to fly?

What do you dream of? What do you hope for? I ask myself these questions. I am happy and content, but would I love to soar?

“If you never dream of flying, then you’ll never wake up with wings.”
― Natalie Kendall

The photo above struck me when I saw it. A child with wings sitting on the ground. I altered the photo to remove some detail so as not to detract from the strong message.

Life is full of gifts and one of those gifts is wings. Gossamer wings waiting to be spread. Wings capable of taking us to far-away places or to simply allow us to rise and float above the world for a better view.

I think wings unused may weigh us down. Maybe those turn into regrets that weigh heavy on us.

At this phase of my life, I am not in search of a new job or scratching my way to make more money. I just want to enjoy this life I have been blessed to live. That does not mean I do not wish to fly. I am just not flying toward the same thing others are in search of.

So, how about it? If you were given wings would you sit on the ground or would you take that leap and learn to fly?



The Crossing Guard Chronicles: New School Year and The ‘Curbside Classroom’


I always enjoy Steve’s blog. Especially his ‘curbside classroom’. I think you will, too. Definitely worth reading and following.


I stood resolute at my post, the early morning calm about to be broken by the approaching din of young voices and squeaky bicycles, a familiar and welcoming sound. It’s the first day of the new school year in Brighton, New York.

I stood prepared, blue book in hand, to take names and review notes, notes to refresh my memory of ‘old faces’ and add new names for new faces. As a school crossing guard, these are ‘my kids’ for the next ten months, learning their names is important.

And the ‘Curbside Classroom’ is reopened for business.

“Pick a card! Point it in the direction according to its label: North, South, East or West!”


That was the first day of school, a month ago, and I’m getting better with names, and the kids know we cross in an easterly direction.

It’s my job to see the kids make it…

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