1LinerWednesday – Pick Up the Pace


Since I returned home there has been a lot to catch up on. I did take most of Monday to rest in between changing the linens and doing a little laundry.

Last night we went to see our grandson’s cross country event. It was an overcast evening which made it a little easier on the runners. The sunset was lovely. Hubby and I stopped and had a salad before heading back home.

Much to my disappointment, he and I will not be able to take the add-on trip before the women’s retreat in October. Columbus Day weekend is prime leaf peeping season in New England and getting airline tickets, car, hotels and meals on such short notice becomes a logistical nightmare and quite costly.

We were looking forward to our drive through Maine and on into Vermont. I had hoped to go to the VonTrapp Family Lodge, to the Ben and Jerry ice cream factory and maybe even back to the Norman Rockwell museum. Maybe we can do all that in the spring.

I did make my arrangements for the retreat and I am looking forward to this time. Hubby is so generous and always supports me in the things I need to do for self care.

We will plan a trip soon — maybe to Washington, D.C. or Maryland or perhaps Gettysburg. We might like to do a road trip and just meander through the country for a while.

I have another jewelry class coming up in early December and we also signed up for a kadomatsu class. A kadomatsu is a traditional Japanese arrangement displayed outside your home in celebration of the New Year. We both like Japanese culture and thought this would be fun to do together.

katorisi, Pair gate with pine branches for the New Year,kadomatsu,katori-city,japan, CC BY 3.0

I may also sign up for a pastel class and a sketchbook/watercolor class. Lots coming up!

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