1LinerWednesday – We Know When It Is Time

Today I will make my airline reservations to go home. It has been a month today that I flew to Florida when my daughter was rushed to the ER. To see her now is such an amazing improvement. We are all so thankful for her recovery. I appreciate everyone who has extended their good wishes to us and those who have taken the time to read and share her blog.

We have always had a close bond, and this experience has only strengthened that bond. It will still be three weeks before she can lift her daughter or do much to help around the house, but they will be ok. I asked her last night if she was ready for me to go and she said no. 😉 Of course neither of us are ready but we both know that they are all ok now.

My daughter-in-law has a lot on her plate these next few weeks. She will pick up the cooking and cleaning I have been doing, or she will let the unnecessary things slide. I know she will take care of her family until my daughter is able to help more. She has always been an amazing spouse and mother and I know the love will see her through this. I love her so very much.

I have been telling my granddaughter I will be going home soon. She thinks I live here now. I do not want her to be surprised that I am leaving and I do not want to see her sad. She loves her mommies so much and they cherish her, so I know she will be ok. Not as sure about grandma, though.

I know my husband is missing me and I am missing him. It will be nice to get back into our routine and enjoy autumn together. The cool nights, the fall breezes, and the color of the season are all things we look forward to sharing.

So many compartments in this heart of mine. So much love

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