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A Man of Generous Spirit

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Day 362

Today my daughter went to the doctor and has been cleared to go back to work, but only because she has a sedentary job. She still cannot lift anything so she still has restrictions such as picking up her daughter — something a two-year old does not understand. I could rush back home, but I want to make sure she transitions well and to be honest, everyone is a bit apprehensive about me going home too soon.

I talked to my husband tonight and he agrees. This man is soft and kind and gentle and generous to a fault. He has been home alone for three weeks now. He has never complained once or asked me to come home. He has supported me every step of the way.

We have a wonderfully blended family as we were both married before. No matter who needs us, we do all we can to be there. It has always been that way. There is no his children or my children, they are our children. That simple agreement between the two of us has meant everything in our relationship.

We are both capable of caring for ourselves, thankfully. He is as good a cook as I am and has no issues or qualms in taking care of the house, laundry and dishes included. We have similar interests as well as extremely diverse interests. We do not spend every waking hour together. Maybe that is what makes this separation somewhat easier than it might be for others.

My little Florida family needs to find their rhythm without me. It will be hard to leave after this tumultuous time, but when I leave I will know they are in a safer healthier place.

I look forward to having coffee with my husband and falling back into our routine. The leaves will be turning soon if they have not already started. I look forward to taking our day trips on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the fall foliage.

I am so fortunate to be loved with wide reaching arms that let me do what I need to do and to explore all the aspects of my being. I love him the same way in return.

But I am not ready to go yet. He understands that. And for that I am forever grateful.

17 thoughts on “A Man of Generous Spirit”

  1. Maggie, your marriage is a well oiled machine that runs so perfectly. You have both been unfailingly supportive in each others times of need.
    I was lucky enough to discover that my hubby did the same for me when I was desperately needed. It means so much when we can devote our full attention to what needs doing. We are so lucky!
    Glad you are able to continue to be there to give the love and much needed support. They would have been lost without you. 😍

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    1. It does, Pete. Maybe it was being older (and wiser) or maybe it was learning from the past. Our relationship just works and I appreciate him more with every passing year.

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  2. We are all blessed to have you both in our lives. Your support of each other and your authentic interdependence in your marriage is something to aspire to. β™₯️

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    1. As a family, we stick together. We are better as a whole than we are separately β€” especially if we have the space to expand and grow. I love you so much! πŸ’•


  3. I’m so glad she’s on the mend, and that you were able to be there for her family. It’s wonderful.
    I also love that you have a husband who can care for himself and his home properly. My husband came home early today and vacuumed the living room and started the laundry, but I probably won’t blog about it, because people think that’s AMAZING. ???
    Because of military service, we have also been apart a lot. We’re not fans of being apart, obviously, people in love shouldn’t be, but we both have an independent spirit, so no undue suffering.
    I have a friend going out your way this weekend, to enjoy the mountains and the foliage all of next week. My heart soars for y’all, because oh, the beauty that comes a bit earlier to your neck of the woods! I am ready for it to come here πŸ˜€ (Well, not the mountains, heh.)

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    1. Joey, it is funny how gender roles are so firmly entrenched in the thoughts of some. We consider our life together as teamwork.

      Hubby says the leaves have not turned much where we live in the foothills. I am not sure about the mountains. I hope your friend has a great time.

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  4. I love hearing about another solid second marriage. Our adult children need us at different times also, and we are not resentful. Nice to read that your daughter is on the mend.

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    1. Elizabeth, a secure marriage is so important at times like these. We are both so thankful I could be here and that my daughter seems to be healing and the worst of this experience is over for her. It is nice to be able to relax a little.

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