Hysterectomy? I’ll Pass. Give me ALL the hormones.

This is the second post my daughter has written to document all that led up to her hysterectomy. If you have any women in your life that suffer from irregular menstrual cycles, please encourage them to read her blog. She hopes to spare other women what she went through.

Two Moms And A Toddler

Little did I know that the year 2019 would take me on the biggest hormonal roller coaster of my life. After I stopped the estrogen based birth control pills in April and my fibroid was discovered, my doctor put me on a pill known as Lysteda (or Tranexamic Acid). According to WebMD (and my doctor) Tranexamic Acid works by slowing the breakdown of clots which helps to prevent prolonged bleeding. I also began my search to find a natural way to cure Fibroids. I’ll write about that in a later piece. Today, let’s just talk hormones.

Tranexamic Acid — The first of many attempts to slow or stop my bleeding.

I was told to take two Tranexamic Acid pills three times a day during my three heaviest days of my period. I was warned NOT to take Ibuprofen with this drug — not to even think about it. Unfortunately for…

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8 thoughts on “Hysterectomy? I’ll Pass. Give me ALL the hormones.”

    1. I think so, too, Pete. I went through similar symptoms but it never got this bad for me. During Melissa’s hospital stay we learned just how many women suffer with these symptoms all while trying to work and manage a family. It is shocking how many women and men do not feel comfortable talking about it and how many women risk dangerous consequences as a result.

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