TV Shows of My Youth

Day 356

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Growing up in the mountains of southwest Virginia made television reception difficult. I have written about the process of aiming the antenna properly on this blog before.

We were lucky to get one channel, WCYB Channel 5 out of the Tri-Cities. So, whatever came on, we watched. No one watched TV during the day other than the farmers who watched the farm report and the women who watched their stories, better known as daytime soap operas.

At night, however, we all gathered around the old black and white TV together. There were the adult shows like “Lawrence Welk” and “Sing Along With Mitch”. Then family shows like the “Wonderful World of Disney”. Occasionally we saw real treats like Bob Hope entertaining the troops with his USO show. And magical shows like Mary Martin in “Peter Pan”.

The shows geared toward kids were the ones I loved the most. Some may be familiar and some you may not recall.

My Mother the Car

Mr. Terrific

MCKeever and the Colonel

And my favorite: Topper

Of course there was an entirely different genre of TV that included shows like Lassie, Fury, Rin Tin Tin, Flipper, and Sky King. Those shows deserve a post all their own, so I will visit them in a future post.