Living Small

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Day 355

I have never been one of those people who needed the latest and greatest of anything. I have generally been quite content to enjoy what I have been fortunate to have.

Our house is a small two bedroom place on a 3 acre plot of natural forest. We have a room for guests and if the grandkids come we make do with couches and air mattresses.

As a kid we often slept on the floor when company came. It was a given that we would give up our rooms for our guests — no questions asked.

When we visited our grandmother, she pulled out a feather bed for us to sleep on. Boy could we pile a lot of kids on that thing! Maybe that’s why I love this song so much.

I cannot help but wonder why some people have an insatiable appetite for more and more and more.

I am not saying I never buy things because I do. But once I have something functional I am not so quick to toss it aside for the latest and greatest of everything.

Gifts of flowers or jewelry or fancy cars are wasted on me. I would much rather have a gesture of love and thoughtfulness than big ticket items.

Maybe it boils down to where we fall within the five love languages if you believe that sort of thing. According to Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, the five love languages are:

  • receiving gifts
  • quality time
  • words of affirmation
  • acts of service (devotion)
  • physical touch

I suppose I fall between quality time and acts of service.

I do wonder what makes some people need a constant stream of costly gifts in order to feel loved.

Just pondering. Where do you fall within the five love languages?

Ever sleep on a feather bed?

16 thoughts on “Living Small”

  1. Maggie. No contest for me. Yes, I do buy ” things” at times. I’ve changed that a lot since we’ve had grandchildren. I’d say I spend the most on them and my kids, when I do feel the urge to spend. We recently partially refurnished our living room. Our couches were 19 years old….it was time.
    What’s most important to me is time spent with my offspring , time spent with my beloved dogs, who both recently passed and the time and money we ( Joe and I totally agree) spent giving time and money to people in need and animal rescues. Each year we donate to a worthy cause instead of buying each other unnecessary gifts. Feels so good!

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    1. Those grandchildren are so tempting to spend money on. I try to remember it is the time they cherish most. We were amazing bees last night, making honey for Mama.

      We did spend money in our house when we first moved in, so I get renewing things when needed. I just do not get those that must have a constant flow of expensive gifts to be happy.


  2. I have never slept on a feather bed. My allergies would destroy me. I am careful with my money. Unlike most women I know, I own only two pairs of shoes (both orthopedic) and a very inexpensive purse. I am not a jewelry fan or clothes horse. I spend money on books and grand kids the most. That is what makes me happy.

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  3. When I was 8, my parents bought a new bed and mattress, and gave me their old double bed with a feather filled mattress. I used to feel the sharp ends of the feathers dig into me now and then, and I would run my hands over to find them, so I could pull them out.
    The bed was well slept-in, and had a big dip in the middle, like an old swayback horse.
    I loved to get comfy in that big dip!

    I know couples around here who have bought five-bed houses on big plots, with three large reception rooms, conservatories, summer house, and such. They don’t need all that room, and as they get older, find it increasingly difficult to manage all the maintenance and cleaning.

    We are content with one small spare room for guests, and if more want to stay over, we have a big air-bed, and two sofas. 🙂

    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. My daughter laughed when she read your comment because she cannot stand feathers poking her. She pulls them out, too. But, a comfy mattress is everything.

      When we lived in Florida, we had a simple one story house. The house beside us was razed and a mega-mansion built in its place. 4 car garage, circular drive with a massive fountain out front. I do not know how many bedrooms it has — I would guess 5 — and two people live there.

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  4. I like things, I won’t lie. But for me it’s finding the *right* things, then being contented with what I have, never thinking about it again. As for the languages of love, something I’ve never seen before [thank you], I’d say I’m 80% quality time + 20% words of affirmation. Never slept on a feather bed, am too allergic to feathers to even want to do so– but thanks for asking.

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    1. Allergies are definitely going to get in the way of sleeping on a feather bed. There is nothing wrong with buying things, it’s just the ‘never being content’ thing I do not understand.

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    1. Thank you, Teagan. So nice to see you here. I wish I could accomplish a little more minimalism. (I am a couple of weeks behind on The Delta Pearl but I am hoping today might be catch up day!)


  5. I slept on a horsehair sofa but never a feather bed. My husband says I will take an oil change over flowers any time. I guess that tells you my preference in a nutshell.


  6. Oh, my — we were SO glad to downsize to our house in Asheville, but then somehow have miraculously acquired a second magical house in Quebec.

    But, we’re definitely stewards here, and aren’t adding new things at all, aside from new linens and towels, so perhaps we’re still minimalist, too, as we bought the contents here turn-key, more or less.


  7. I’m a words of affirmation person, closely followed by quality time. I’ve found it’s not near as important to know my own, but to know that of other people. Like to remember that my husband is not so good with the words, but he DOES things that speak volumes.
    Gifts are last for both of us, which I think is convenient — as we also live small 🙂
    I have slept on a feather bed, but it wasn’t my thing. My pillow is part feather, but my bed is spongy, not soft, so you know, to each her own.


    1. My hubby is not much on words either but he loves me in so many other ways.

      I love my down pillows because of my arthritic neck. But a feather bed is strictly for the young!

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