Sleep Deprivation is Real

Day 348

Everyone in the house is sleep-deprived. My daughter and I slept on recliners in the living room last night — her first night home. The two year old kept her mommy awake all night — she’s cutting teeth and laying down is uncomfortable. It has been a long day for everyone.

I did take an hour to go to my granddaughter’s grandparent day celebration today. We shared cookies and lemonade and she gave me the ingredients for Rice Krispie treats which we will make tomorrow.

The stress of the late night hospital visits and emergency surgery have impacted the whole family. I am hopeful things return to normal soon.

Wish us all a good night’s sleep. We need it.

19 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation is Real”

  1. Make sure that you don’t get worn down, yourself. The caregiver has to remain strong. Two takeaways: sleep deprivation is major disrupter and Rice Krispie bars are the antidote 😉. Stay strong and my best to your family.

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    1. Steve, I now have two uninterrupted nights of sleep under my belt. It is going on 9:00 am and the rest of the family are still fast asleep. Hope we are turning a corner now!

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