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Day 345

I took a couple of hours away from the hospital last night to help my daughter-in-law do final prep for the storm. It’s hard to do when you are alone with a two-year-old.

Driving back to the hospital, the skies were ominous and early evidence of wind rustled through the trees. If you have ever been in a hurricane, you never forget all the signs. You can feel it. The clouds move through the sky at such a rapid pace. The moisture hangs in the air. There is a strange sense of calm.

My daughter is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. It is a blessing she was able to get on the schedule tomorrow. We are hopeful tomorrow is the beginning of her healing journey. I can never thank you enough for keeping us in your prayers.

The storm has pushed off the coast. The hospital will not be entering their hurricane protocol. We will have rain and some wind and maybe even a power outage or two, but compared to what we were facing this time last week, we are SO THANKFUL.

18 thoughts on “Alignment”

  1. I am grateful you are taking a moment . I am grateful your daughter is on the road to some help. I am grateful you are there for their family. I am grateful the storm changed its path. I am grateful you can take a breath. I am grateful for your presence in all our lives.

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  2. SO grateful the surgery will happen and she will be completely well again. Such a stressful time. She is in such a great hospital! So glad the worries will soon be over. Love you all.

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