1LinerWednesday – Seasonal Treats

Day 332

Last night was certainly a frustrating night. Updating the WordPress app was a nightmare. Trying to report the problem and the message will not send. Tried to reset my password and guess what — that does not work either!

Here’s what I tried to send to the people at Automattic:

I updated the WordPress app on my iPad to version 13.0.1 and now the app crashes. I have three blogs, yet I see at least 10 or 15 entries for what appears to be urls for my three blogs when I select Switch Site. Stats would not load last night and will not load now unless I go to the dashboard first. The app is extremely slow to load. No likes or follows show up in Notifications. After upgrading, each entry in Unread was repeated at least 10 times. 

So, I took some advice from good ole Ben Franklin:

“There cannot be good living where there is not good drinking.”

Shout out to hubby who was able to find my favorite limited edition seasonal beer from Wicked Weed, a local Asheville craft brewery.

After spending a career in the technology field, this stuff bugs me to no end.

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17 thoughts on “1LinerWednesday – Seasonal Treats”

  1. That’s pretty good advice from old Ben.

    Uninstall the app and reinstall it. A) it’s likely the advice the Happiness Engineers will give you, and B) it usually works.

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      1. Dan, I took your advice. It actually worked so thank you! I was concerned that since it was not recognizing my password last night, it would not do so today and I would not be able to get back in. Let’s see how the day goes. Thanks again!

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        1. I’m glad, Maggie! I did this once on a train to NYC. I only had my iPad with me, so it was worth taking a shot, since it wasn’t working the way it was. Still, it’s hard to part with the app when you don’t know if you can reinstall it – even if it isn’t working.

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    1. Well, John. The uninstall and reinstall Dan suggested seems to have worked. Last night it would not recognize my password and attempt to reset failed, so I was wary. I will keep my eye out for any oddities.


  2. The product design of the beer sure is effective. I’m a teetotaler and even to me the ale sounds tasty.

    P.S. Hopefully you don’t mind my commenting; you unfollowed my blog recently and I’m not quite sure if that is unfriending. I’m not conversant in WP etiquette.

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    1. This craft brewery has some unusual beer flavors, and their graphic design work is always rather interesting as well.

      A few blogs were caught up in my WP issues the other night. I am still working to clean up the fallout.

      I have unfollowed blogs before and it is not an unfriending. It is sometimes as simple as my interest changing, or trying to cull down how many things are in my feed. Even blogs I unfollow, I still read. I have no idea who follows me or if they unfollow me. I know I am not everyone’s cup of tea.


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