A Multitude of Things

Image by Ernst Dittmar from Pixabay

Day 322

“Often she felt as though she had been picked up and turned about like a kaleidoscope, that all her complacent assumptions had been shaken up and reassembled in a different order” 
 Judith Lennox, All My Sisters

This is how my mind is this morning. Twirling, swirling and stopping on a thought for a tiny moment, then everything changing before my eyes. Today the words will fall onto this page just as they are n my mind. Perhaps cohesive thoughts will come at a later time.

The first blog I read this morning was from Gattina, a lovely blogger residing in Belgium. Her blog this morning was about her trip to Auschwitz. It shook me. I was reminded of a film I saw in high school — “Night and Fog”. The horrors shown have never left me. I fear for us as a people, that we no longer understand and feel the horrors associated with the Holocaust. If you are an SoCS follower, you may have read her blog, but if you have not, I hope you will.

Then my thoughts went to children. I think back to my own children and how post-divorce, they tried to comfort and take care of me. Not a job any child should take on. Children have a lot to deal with in today’s world let alone dealing with problems at home. I cannot get the children in Mississippi out of my mind.

Epstein committed suicide. Is anyone surprised that the conspiracy theorists are running rampant? With so many high profile names associated with his mess, I doubt we will ever know the truth. I cannot fathom a life shrouded in such horrific secrets.

The FBI just executed a massive sweep in the US called Operation Independence Day. 103 juveniles identified or recovered, 67 suspected sex traffickers arrested, and 60 new investigations as a result. It is a tough time to be a young impressionable child, especially if one does not have a protective and supportive network of family and friends to protect them.

John Holton’s SoCS post this week made me think back to all the ashtrays my parents had around our house. I commented to John that cleaning those ashtrays as a weekly chore might have been the reason I never took up smoking. I see a future post coming out of the memory of those ashtrays.

On a much lighter note, I am thoroughly enjoying the serials currently in process by fellow bloggers Pete and Teagan. Talk about much needed respite from reality. I wonder if they realize how much they give? I wonder if we all realize what a gift we receive? I hope so. If you are not reading their serials, you are missing something special. Pete’s serial is posted every day and Teagan posts every Saturday.

We are going to spend a few days with our daughter and her family on their vacation this week. I hear our granddaughter is making peanut butter and coconut balls. I also hear there may be fishing and crafts along the way. All the dogs are coming, too. Five in total!

Our youngest granddaughter is transitioning from her baby room to a big girl room. It is a gradual process, the last will be the conversion of her crib to a toddler bed. Where have these two years gone?

My mind is starting to slow down now. I am focusing on the beautiful texture and colors in the ever-changing images in front of me. I am trying to step into each experience with love as much as I can. I am learning love is not easy for everyone.

And now the image changes. My father hugging me as a child and even as an adult woman. I am thankful I experienced this kind of love. I wish it could be that way with everyone.


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