Monday morning rundown (‘Merica. Where you can go to bed mourning one mass shooting and wake up to another one.)

Day 316

Reblogging this painful and heartbreakingly accurate piece. Read it and weep. We have allowed gun violence to be the new face of America. Thank you, Laura, for writing such a powerful post.

Riddle from the Middle

1.  Where a white nationalist can walk into a Walmart with a semiautomatic weapon in freaking Texas where he slaughters twenty people and injures two dozen others in six minutes.

2.  Texas. A state where a Walmart holding up to three thousand people would have had more than its fair share of “good guys with guns”. And yet, to no one’s surprise, that didn’t help those folks who got shot by the bad guy.

3.  Where a white shooter can post a GD manifesto railing against immigrants in Texas and pushing the preservation of European identity in America and still the first words out of Trump’s mouth aren’t white nationalist, white supremacy, or gun violence.

4.  Because only in America is it more politically palatable to blatantly disregard publicly stated facts and blame mental illness.

5.  Where twelve hours of news coverage revolves around a crime scene, gunman, and casualty updates…

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16 thoughts on “Monday morning rundown (‘Merica. Where you can go to bed mourning one mass shooting and wake up to another one.)”

  1. I feel the same way Jim feels. Each time I think SOMETHING will now be done. But, as always, Trump’s lack of care and obvious support of White Nationalism, just keeps the process going. My heart is breaking for each life senselessly taken and all those to come……

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  2. We must do our part. We let our elected representatives off too easily. Voting is first, but after they are in office is when our real work must begin.


  3. As one living near the grade school where the first graders were murdered, I thought that would wake up people. Instead it produced a whole conspiracy that it was staged! Unbelievable. Guns kill people. People with guns kill people. Pretty simple really. No one needs a machine gun to hunt deer or protect their home.

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