Day 315 Part Three

Reblogging another post on the unauthorized reproduction of our blogs. It appears to possibly be taken from WordPress Reader. WordPress has been contacted but I would still complain to the web-hosting company. Self-hosted sites may not be impacted. Could be an issue for anyone wanting to publish their work?

This, That, and the Other


Teresa, at The Haunted Wordsmith, wrote out a post a few days ago about a website that is harvesting the blog posts of many WordPress bloggers. That is, this site,, is likely posting on its site your posts without your authorization, approval, or permission.

You can check to see if this is happening to your posts by going to and typing your name or your blog’s name, or the title of one of your posts, or your blog’s URL in the search bar (see image above). Then scroll down to see if your posts are showing up on that site.

I did this and I found not only my own posts being published on that site, but the posts of many of you who follow my blog and who have responded to any of my prompts.

The hosting site for is Digital Ocean, and there is a…

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6 thoughts on “”

  1. I just checked. All of my posts are on there. However, they are all credited to me, and have a link to the site too. I’m not sure I am that worried about that, but interested to hear what anyone else thinks.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I think what bothers most people is the lack of permission to republish on a different platform. I have changed my Copyright statement. I also think if they are getting the information from WordPress reader then that is also a problem because that bypasses the setting for search engines not to index our blogs. Just feels wrong to me, Pete.

      I can see your point of view as well. I am a bit confused about it all.

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      1. Me too. But as long as I am credited, I won’t worry too much about it at the moment.
        (Perhaps that is what’s generating the current Spam invasion though? 🙂 )

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        1. Comments are indicating nothing will be done as the entities are outside the U.S. A court order would be required.

          Perhaps instead of asking readers to buy me a cup of coffee or leave a tip, I could solicit donations to hire an attorney. 🙄🙄🙄

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