Power to the People

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Day 309

I am guilty of a little play on words with my subject. It seems to fit though.

I am a stickler for being on time and sticking to a schedule. This morning we had plans to leave home at a certain time to pick up the grandkids. Hubby went out to water the plants while I showered.

The problem was that he did not come back in. I dressed and went outside but he was nowhere to be found. The hose was lying in the ground in a puddle of water. After walking around the house I yelled out for him and he answered. He was in a foul mood.

By this time we were well beyond our planned departure time which put me in a foul mood.

What was the delay? It seems the contractors for the local power company had parked two or three of their trucks on our property. He went to investigate.

It seems the power poles are not in proper code and they will all need to be swapped out. That means windows of power loss for about 4 hours for each pole. The guy was not congenial in his conversation.

We really try not to use chemicals on our property and park huge vehicles there in hopes of preserving the natural landscape. By questioning why the trucks were parked there, it ruffled this guy’s feathers. He countered with he could have knocked our birdhouse down because it is on the right-of-way. Then the threats of spraying all the foliage to kill everything on the right/of-way.

We will need to post the property and give notice they cannot spray. This means the foliage would be cut instead of being killed off with chemicals. I realize this means more work for them, but at some point, the environment must matter.

Why do frustrations with others somehow turn into frustrations with each other? I guess we need to air our frustrations in some way.

We are finally on the road. An hour past our planned departure time. It looks to be a quiet two hour ride.


21 thoughts on “Power to the People”

    1. Now we are stuck in traffic waiting for an accident to be cleared ahead. Maybe that hour delay was a good thing.

      The poles have probably been in place for quite some time. I am sure the codes changed since the poles were installed years ago.

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  1. Sorry to hear about those frustrating encounters, Maggie. A bad mood is understandable, but not between you and your husband. After all, it is not the fault of either of you.
    I hope to hear that things calmed down for you both. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Things calmed down, Pete. Our hour and 45 minute drive turned into 3 because of a huge crash on the highway. It made me stop and realize that the delay may well have kept us out of harms way.

      We are driving home now with the two little ones asleep in the back seat. All is well with the world.

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  2. I find that many people are on a very short fuse at the moment in our country. Many seem to take everything personally, whether I take a nanosecond to go on a green light or stop for a pedestrian. I am sure that the out of control at the top has a very bad trickle down effect.

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  3. So sorry for the aggravated start to the day but I know the time with the grands will ( by now its all a memory) make the next days all fun and light. Have a great time. ( and, yes, I believe you were delayed for a reason and its good you were able to recognize that. Some people would just ” stew” and not see the why!)

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  4. I’ll be having a little rant akin to yours today. On a large reservoir just north of us, the water is poor. I mean, can’t swim most days, shouldn’t ever fish, boating is okay when you’re on the boat — it’s BAD. When I was a kid, that water was a fabulous summer feature. Well, some people wanted to live the lake life without understanding the lake is a lil ecosystem and their lawn chemicals and pesticides pollute the very water they moved there to enjoy. What they have are fine houses on fine lawns next to brackish polluted water. So fancy.
    I am also affected when others interfere with the schedule I set for myself. I am rather adaptable, but so often tested lately, I’ve come to consider it must be the universe telling me I need to expand my adaptability.

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    1. It is so much about the “me” and “I Want” culture. So many lakes are polluted because of lakefront homes. It is so sad. I am sorry your reservoir has fallen victim to mankind’s selfishness.


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