Life Vs. Blog Stats

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Day 308

According to WordPress, my blog views went down 14% last week. I don’t put a lot of stock into the stats except to see what posts people react to and how things going on in my personal life affect my statistics. Last week, I was down with vertigo (which reared its ugly head again this morning) and then I attended a two-day workshop. I think talking too much about my miseries, or posting short blogs — just for the sake of not missing a day — don’t bode well with followers.

This is why I rarely look at statistics. I do like to see what posts resonate with other people, but that’s about all the numbers really mean. I know when life gets in the way with blogging, followers fade. It’s interesting because that’s how life is sometimes, too. When we are human and frail, it is hard for people to continue to be there on an ongoing basis — the relationship changes. Relationships, after all, are based on connections and those connections need to be strong and ongoing.

I have seen so many relationships in my own extended family fail because people cannot communicate or get so busy the friendship can no longer stand on its own. Just like we as people need to attend to our needs and stay healthy our friendships require the same to survive.

Tomorrow we are going to pick up two of our grandchildren for a week-long visit. I am hoping I will stay healthy so we can enjoy this time together. They are really good children not to mention they are my heartbeats. This means my blog posts will again be short and sweet, but such is life. I cannot worry about statistics or readers or followers or comments. I welcome them all, but they are not the reason I blog. This I do for me.

I wish you all a peaceful and fulfilling week. Stay healthy, seek happiness and I’ll see you in the comments section.


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  1. I don’t look at the stats either.. Nor have I been blogging regularly.. With kids, work, school and church, I do my best to keep up with reading everyone’s blogs.. I’m not the best about commenting always.. However, I thought I would stop by today.. I hope you make this trip with your health in tact! You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Your post reminded me about not only reading but also taking the time to comment.. I think we have all formed great friendships and encourage one another.. Take care, Maggie!
    Jessy B.

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    1. Jessy, thank you for taking time to comment. It means a lot to know our thoughts are heard. Having a busy life is in itself a joy sometimes. I can be guilty of not commenting when I have weeks like last week.


  2. I agree whole heartedly. I did not begin blogging for anyone but me. I wanted place to express my gratitude and to recover. Both have helped me so much and I am glad I continue to blog. Please enjoy your time with your grand kids. I know they will be making memories to hold forever.

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    1. Yes, Lauren, the blogging is for us, but the comments are the stepping stones to new friendships.It is an expanded horizon which I quite enjoy. Life just gets in the way sometimes.

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  3. Just hope this vertigo gets going already! Have a,wonderful visit with the grandkids. Just the best!! 💝

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  4. I must admit….I try and ignore the stats part of sites (especially my Instagram which can really depress me at times!). Just keep doing it because you want too. I see all “this” as a way of expressing stuff and as a diary/record.

    I apologise for sometimes not commenting…but I do try and like when I’ve read your words. It’s – to me – a “hmm interesting” with slight head nod.

    Take care.

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    1. No apology necessary — ever! Instagram is part of the FB machine so I give it very little consideration. It is a good platform for getting work seen, but it is so fleeting. I am glad you stopped by. I will take a head nod any day.

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  5. Life before blogging, every time. 🙂
    Stats do interest me, as blogging is such a big part of my life now. But the thing that matters most is comments. Engagement in blogging is driven by comments. Through those, we meet new people, follow new blogs, and often receive new followers in return.
    It doesn’t matter if you miss a day, or your posts are short, Maggie. Your real blogging friends will always be around when you feel like posting more.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thank you for always being encouraging, Pete. Yes, I agree, the comments are the most important aspect of blogging if you want to connect with people.

      I feel much better this morning so I am hoping the fog is clearing and I can get back to a sense of normalcy.

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  6. I am likely to be skipping some writing and some reading in August. I accept that the people I follow have lives and that those lives get in the way. I’ve only stopped following a few people, and that was because of a shift in their message. I hope you feel well enough to enjoy the time with your grandchildren.

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  7. Dan, I am with you and hope people are enjoying their lives outside of their blog. You keep quite busy so I hope your August break nurtures you. I have only unfollowed one or two blogs because of similar reasons.

    I am feeling better so I am planning on a fun-filled week. Thanks for commenting, Dan.


  8. I can find no correlation between my topics and the number of visits, so I would be hesitant to attribute it to your vertigo posts. Mine go up and down for no reason that I can discern. I hope your grandkids will supply some fun material to write about!

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    1. I checked often when I first started blogging, Carly. I have found that fairly consistent and well written content is always the most important thing.


  9. Life is the thing. Blogging is an activity INSIDE the living. My blog has been slowly dying for years (since I went to work full-time) and all I can say about that is OH WELL! The stats aren’t where it’s at for me. I like connection.
    I hope you have a wonderful time with your grandkids, doing all the living and a little blogging 🙂

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