Happy Friday

Day 306

I have slowly stated to recover from my vertigo. I still feel a little on the edge, however it a huge improvement since earlier in the week.

Today was the final day of my workshop. I was much more capable and steady so it was much easier to enjoy the experience. Yesterday I was just not in my best frame of mind.

I still had hubby drop me off at class because I was still not feeling confident enough to drive. There was a little shuffling of space before class this morning which gave me a larger space in which to work.

The workshop was taught by Mary Karg who has an amazing process for applying color pencils to copper. We also worked making cold connections using riveting.

Today we were able to choose a project we wanted to work on. I decided to try and create a pendant by drawing a rough sketch of a giraffe. It was the kind of work I love to do. Slow, methodical work to lose myself in.

So, all-in-all, a very good day. I made some new friends and made some connections to the local writing community as well. Both things I love very much.

Hopefully tomorrow I will still be feeling well so I can get my house back in order. Hubby has done a great job doing all the chores and carting me around. It’s nice and I am thankful, but I am ready to get my life back on track.

How are things in your world? Hopefully not topsy turvy like mine.


10 thoughts on “Happy Friday”

  1. Maggie… VERY beautiful! Nothing like a sweet giraffe face to brighten the day.
    I’m so happy to hear you’re better. Vertigo is just a horrible experience. Stay well my sweet friend.

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  2. Your jewelry is just lovely! Glad you had such a nice day but sorry about the vertigo. I get it periodically, and I have fallen on my face and thought I broke my nose with it. Some folks helped me up (I was following my Richard into the spine clinic, so he couldn’t be much help for me). I saw black right before I hit, so yes, it is a horrible experience. I still don’t know what causes mine. Glad your hubby helped you. He is definitely one of the good guys!

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    1. Thank you, Anne. I have positional vertigo which means the crystals in the inner ear get out of whack. It can be unnerving. I am so sorry about your fall.


  3. Giraffes are my FAVORITE and your drawing is lovely! The kind of work you like to do, and are clearly good at, is the hardest for me, which makes me appreciate people who work in small scale and with attention to detail.

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