Anther Solitary Sunday

Day 301

This seems to be developing into a theme for me. Quiet Sundays are a blessing . I have been sipping coffee out of my mountain cup watching the birds. It is not terribly hot yet, but it will climb into the high 80° F later today. I want to get this blog posted so I can enjoy my last cup of coffee and a toasted English muffin with apple butter. Yum.

I got up at 4:30 a.m. to have coffee with hubby before he left to go and spend the day at the lake with our daughter and her family. I love the water — well, let’s say I love the shoreline. They go out in the boat early in the morning and stay out all day. The dogs come along and everyone has a great time. Except me. Being in a boat all day triggers my lack of control button. Not to mention my fair skin and the sun. I am also not a confident swimmer in a lake. None of that is a good combination. So, I saw hubby off, went back to bed and now I am up enjoying my view.

I am really looking forward to the evening temperatures this week. The night temps will drop into the high 60° F range which will be a welcome comfort. I have started to notice the slight shift in the direction of the sun and the dogwood tree leaves continue to reveal their purple hue. It will soon be August.

This week I am taking another workshop. It will be held at Molly’s studio but she will not be teaching. The class is taught by Mary Karg. The focus of the class will be on creating jewelry by applying colored pencil to copper. After completing, the pieces are riveted together, combined with textured metals to create wearable art.

This appeals to me because it is something I can do at home before I manage to carve out a studio of my own — if that ever happens. As these retirement years click away, I am beginning to wonder.

I am working on a short story. I am unsure if it will make it to my blog yet. Only time will tell. My muse has been a little slack these days. Might be time to find a new one.

Later today I will go finish my shopping for my granddaughter’s birthday. She will soon be two years old. Time flies so quickly. She is very talkative and might have a little of the soul of a stage performer inside her. She loves to sing — loudly and with gusto. Such a joy to watch.

Tonight I am finally making spring rolls for appetizers, followed by a nice green salad. It’s an easy dinner for days like this when no one feels much like cooking.

Solitary Sunday’s are the best. Not being alone necessarily, but slowing down to the pace of nature. It is a little easier to breathe when we take time to relax. I hope you can relax a little today as well. Now about that English muffin.

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    1. Pete, I had not seen your post, but rather enjoyed reading it. Some of us just need the quiet and a bit of time to ourselves.

      I’ve always said one thing that makes our marriage work is our time we do things separate from one another. We have plenty of time together, but we are just not interested in the same things 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I think we both rather like a little solitude.

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    1. I think the class will be fun. I’ve read a ton of good reviews about the instructor and I always love to learn something new. I will definitely post some pics — good or bad. Ha!

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  1. I wouldn’t want to be out on the lake all day, either. More of a Saturday vibe, for me. And only if there’s real shade on the boat…
    I also enjoy peaceful and restful Sundays. Typically, that means laundry, cooking a midday dinner, and a book or two.

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