Connecting your Gravatar to your site

Great advice from an experienced blogger. I always look for a linked Gravatar as well…


In January this year, and a couple of times previously, I have urged new bloggers to connect their WordPress site to their Gravatar image.

Since Monday, I have had eleven new followers who have not done this. This means I cannot find their site without taking time to search the available name. I am unable to read their blog posts, or to thank them for following me. It also means that nobody else can use their Gravatar profile to find them.

If you do not make this connection, you will miss out a great deal. Using a click-through on your Gravatar image is far easier than trying to find your site through a Google Search, and less time-consuming too. In 2019 alone, I have had more than a hundred followers who have not made this connection, leaving their blogs ‘drifting’ in the huge ocean of blogs and websites out there.

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