Diving Into Dreams

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Day 285

This morning my brain feels foggy. I had a night of strange dreams. Some of which I still remember — others fading with each sip of my morning coffee.

The experts say we all dream every night unless we do not make it into the proper sleep stage. But remembering dreams is a different thing. I usually do not remember dreams unless I am startled awake by some outside source.

I woke up early this morning. I was dreaming something. I cannot recall what, but I know it was unsettling. My heart was racing. Maybe I was having a heart attack. (I ruled that out since I am here writing this blog. I am sure the dream had me in a fervor.) I decided to get up and go to the bathroom. I checked my phone. 3:45 am. Yikes – that’s early. I drank some water then back to bed.

I continued to dream throughout the rest of the night. I can remember one dream in particular and I wonder why it is lingering. I know some people believe our dreams are meaningful. Maybe they are, or maybe they are just our way of working through problems or conflicts. It is odd to me when I dream of something, like this, which comes from the deep recesses of my past and something that never crosses my conscious mind.

The dream fog is clearing now. Another cup of coffee might just shake it from my conscious mind.

Something I read suggested that if we are not actively creating new memories, the mind will drift to the past. But isn’t everything we do creating a memory of some kind?

I think some of the dreams were related to what I was watching on tv before I went to sleep, Maybe I should try some meditation to clear my mind before going to sleep.

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    1. That is quite a dream, Pete. How interesting. My dreams are usually more goulash — lots of odds and ends thrown together… Experiences like yours give me chills.

      I was young when my grandfather died. I dreamed of him several times in the days that followed. In one dream, he came to me, all in white and very small, standing on on the staircase. I asked him what it was like to be dead. He explained it all in great detail. To this day, almost 60 years later, I recall every teeny, tiny detail of that dream — except his explanation of death. I think I was never meant to know, although I know he explained it all.

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      1. a happy experience from the past that came out in my dream only that it ended up unpleasant and sad. and because i remember the dream, which was rare, made me uneasy and wondering why.


  1. Maybe it’s something in the air – I had the same kind of night made up of a dream/wake cycle. At 4:30 am, I finally got up to read for a while until I felt sleepy enough to go back to bed but I had to get up an hour or so later for work. Hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight.

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    1. That is strange. Maybe it is something n the universe. My friends that follow the celestial heavens would probably know why.


  2. Dreams can be so strange. I stopped trying to analyze them, just glad when I get some sleep! I agree with Dan – hope tonight’s dreams are pleasant!

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  3. Years ago, I kept a notebook and pen next to my bed to record my dreams as soon as I woke up. Some of them were pretty interesting. Since I no longer record them, they fade quickly. But if I remember a bad dream, I try to create a new ending with my waking imagination. I love the picture of the tree limbs and eyes.

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    1. I thought the photo was a perfect choice from Pixabay. I am usually struggling to remember my dreams, I never thought to craft a new ending for them. Interesting thought.

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      1. I read that in a kids book about nightmares and adapted it to working with drug addicts when they had using dreams. I liked to use guided imagery with the suggestion that they could recall the dream at any point and imagine a different decision.


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