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Sunday Simplicity

Day 280

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit puny as my sister would say. Nothing major or drastic, just not feeling up to par. Hubby and I had plans to go see a local bluegrass band play at a small venue near us. I decided I had best not try to go since my stomach was a bit queasy. I encouraged hubby to go on as he had been working all day making his wonderful all from scratch vegetable soup.

I lounged around watching tv and nursed my stomach by eating a few small portions of soup throughout the night. I had a difficult time finding sleep, but eventually I drifted off.

I slept in and, surprisingly, I was the first one to rise. Morning tasks are not my forte, but I was feeling good and decided to go put the bird feeders out and water the plants. It is so dry here. It was a nice cool morning but I could tell the humidity was inching up so I enjoyed my time outside while the weather was nice.

Three of the sunflowers I planted survived the squirrels, possums, and the crazy wet and dry periods we have experienced. They are each in a different stage of blooming and they are such a joyful flower to see.

When I came inside I thought how my sister would laugh if she could see me. She had a house far out in the country and went outside in her pajamas or robe all the time. She had very few neighbors, but I remember telling her she really should get dressed before venturing outdoors. She would just laugh at me. Here I was kicking off my slippers and wondering what she would say knowing I had gone outside in my nightgown. It is not revealing so there is very little concern. There is literally no house within sight especially now that all the trees have filled in.

I do think age makes us feel differently about things. The things society would have you worry about are far less concerning than they once were. There is something freeing and joyful stepping outside to just breathe in the air without concern. It is moments like these that remind me why we chose this house.

Today I am feeling better and I am thankful. The birds are content and I have a few tomatoes almost ready to pluck from the vine. We have a family of hawks that have moved in nearby. We hear them constantly and see them frequently. They are magnificent although I fear for my little feeder birds. We also discovered a yellow jacket nest to be wary of. A small patch of wildflowers has a few blooms and right in the middle a sprig of poison ivy seems to have taken up residence.

Such is life in the country. Full of life and abundance and a few hidden dangers. It’s all about balance.

And besides, I like having the ability to walk about outside in my night clothes without worry. I get it, Sis. I finally get it.

24 thoughts on “Sunday Simplicity”

    1. Fun post to read, Pete.

      I have a pair of fleece pajamas that are my favorite winter wear day or night and they have been my outdoor dress on many occasions. They are so soft and keep my legs warm during our cooler weather. Comfort is not to be scoffed at — especially during our retirement years.

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  1. I bet your sister might enjoy that you’re eating your words ;-)! Glad you’re feeling better. Your flowers are so pretty. Hawks can be loud, we have them in our area too. They can be mean to other birds. They attacked our neighbors homing pigeons this week. It’s sad, but just part of nature, I guess. Hope your Sunday turns out lovely for you!

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    1. She would most definitely love to know I was eating my words. Yes, the hawks are predators and it is so hard to think our beloved little birds are just another meal for them. When we lived in Florida I ran outside i to the front yard like a crazy woman to scare the hawks off the bunny that was eating amongst the shrubbery. It is nature, but not on my watch if I can help it. Hope you have a great Sunday as well.

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  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Considering that I saw a man and woman come to the breakfast lounge in a Boston area hotel in their PJs, I wouldn’t worry about what the neighbors think 😏

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  3. I often go out to get the paper in my flannel nightgown when kids are waiting for the school bus down the block. I imagine them talking about the crazy old lady. I would have when I was their age.

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  4. It is ok to a once in awhile “what the hell day”… pj’s/nightgown and all… maybe your are feeling more connected to your loved one (Your Sister) a little more this week… maybe symbolically she is showing you that she is there by having you doing your morning chores in your jim jams…(pj’s). She is living her amusement through you… making beautiful memories for you both .

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    1. I always feel connected to my sisters, but she was most likely on-site for the show. I just did not want to take the time to dress just to go outside and come back inside again. I am sure my sister was laughing up a storm.


    1. I have always heard that but I have never seen anyone in their pajamas at Walmart! I never see anyone anywhere strolling in their PJ’s — except me, of course.


  5. This is such wonderful writing in nonfiction, my favorite type of all. You are so skilled at it and I could easily see you becoming a columnist for one of the country magazines. I remember years ago there was a lady who wrote a page in one of them. It’s funny because I can no longer remember her name or the name of the magazine, but her page was the one I always looked for first. You have that quality in your writing and I hope that you never lose it.

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      1. I don’t think anyone is in the beginning, Maggie, and some of us even after years of doing it. I used to be editor for a couple of community newspapers, and I would get frustrated because I would rush to get all my work done only to have part of it cut away with the poorest of thought because an ad had to be put in. We never get used to that I think. Anyway, don’t feel bad about that. There are things we can do and things we cannot, but there is always a way to use our writing if we really love doing it. I think you would be a great tutor/teacher for a class in creative nonfiction writing. Whoo hooo!!!

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  6. That was lovely.
    When my bestie moved to the country, she told me going outside in her nightgown was one of the perks. I live in the city. I nightgown to do several things and I care not. I love the country, but to make it a way of life, well, it’s not for me. Visiting weekends is for me 🙂

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    1. Joey, we each find our place in this world and that is what makes everything tick. I am at least happy you have no fear going out in your nightgown regardless of the environment!

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