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SoCS – Discovering Golf is a Full Contact Sport

Day 279

We are back with another edition of Stream of Consciousness Saturday sponsored by the lovely Linda G. Hill.

Today’s prompt is:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “for/fore/four.” Use one, use ’em all, use ’em any way you want. Enjoy!

We lived in a rather rural community during my high school years. We had a typical ranch house on a rather nice corner lot.

My mom was an outdoor person all the way. She would play flag football or badminton with us in the yard over choosing to do any work inside the house. She loved the lilac tree on the corner and spent time tending to her planters that contained portulaca or bleeding hearts.

A lot of our conversations took place sitting on the front steps of the house. There were four of us kids and I was the youngest. After my older siblings started moving away after high school, mom and I spent a lot more time together.

For a reason unknown to me, my parents took up playing golf on Saturdays. They had both come from country roots and at that time, golf was not something we ever heard much about. I suppose after moving to Ohio, their new-found friends had a broader range of interests.

I caddied for them once or twice, but frankly, it was not fun. So, one Saturday, mom decided she would give me a few lessons in hope of sparking my interest a little more.

She rolled her golf bag into the side yard where we often played badminton and began to go over the basics with me. She covered the grip, the stance, the swing, and of course the follow-through. We talked about the choice of clubs, and what situation might call for each. It was then my turn to swing the club.

I hit the golf ball, but unfortunately just on the edge. It limped a few feet into the grass and not into the vacant lot which was my intention. Mom explained that I had lousy follow-through and took the club to show me again. “Watch closely.”

And watch closely I did. I joked as she started to swing and I called out “Fore!”. Before I knew it, I was lying on the ground. Mom had followed through right upside my head.

Luckily I was not hurt although my siblings often said that hit on my head certainly explained a few things about me! I think they were inferring it had affected my ability to think.

From that point forward, I told my mom I would not have agreed to the lesson that day had I known golf was a full contact sport.

Saturday’s are a lot easier when you can just let your thoughts flow. If you care to join in the weekly challenge, saunter over to Linda’s blog to get the skinny. Make sure you take the time to read how many takes there can be on one idea. Then come on and join in the fun.


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    1. Elizabeth, golfers always have a fascination with lost golf balls. My dad would use them on the driving range, but preferred new ones when he played. I was a whiny caddy,

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