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SoCS – Farewell Jim Pike

Day 272

Welcome to the stream of consciousness that is swirling in my head early on a Saturday morning. Linda’s prompt this week is:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “leaves.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!

I read online that Jim Pike passed away June 9th in his home in Prescott, AZ.

Jim Pike was the co-founder and lead singer for The Lettermen.

I am taking poetic license with the prompt today to honor this man with such a beautiful voice. My sisters and I were big fans of The Lettermen, so we listened to their albums frequently.

The song that came to mind was from the musical Camelot –“If Ever I Would Leave You”, written and composed by Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner. The song is most identified with Robert Goulet although many artists have recorded the song through the years.

I am not crazy about the photos used in this YouTube video, so just close your eyes and listen.


Just click this link to check out Linda’s post for all the SoCS rules. Make sure you take the time to read what everyone else had to say about this prompt.


15 thoughts on “SoCS – Farewell Jim Pike”

  1. Pete, it’s funny to think back and remember that we liked this group so much. ‘Easy Listening’ did not seem to carry the negative connotation that is does for teenagers these days. Maybe it was because we listened to a lot of my parent’s era of music. I love a melodic voice and beautiful harmonies. It’s a reminder that our voice is an amazing instrument — well, not mine, but others.

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    1. I can understand that, Dan. My brother would never have listened to them — not when The Beatles were hitting the scene. Maybe it’s a teen girl’s idea of romance that was so intoxicating.

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    1. John, I went back and watched the video later and the pictures did not bother me so much. You know how it is when you have a particular vision in your head and someone else’s version doesn’t match?

      The harmonies were everything.


  2. Wonderful song and he sounded great. The Lettermen were popular at a time when groups were big and you could understand the words and sing along. I’m sure I had an album in the 60s. Thanks for the post.

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      1. A few of the kids I cross listen to rap music. I asked for a recommendation and the one kid gave me Tupac (who is deceased, from gunshot, I believe). The music had a great beat for exercising but the lyrics were the absolute worst. I suggested Little Richard to him. He listened but gave LR poor review. Times have changed!


  3. I heard Robert Goulet sing this in concert. I was fortunate that my best friend liked his music. It is such a beautiful song. I must admit I am not familiar with the name of the group but obviously I know the music. It is always sad when we lose talented people.

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  4. I was a big fan of the movie musical Camelot and the Lettermen. For some reason, I don’t remember the Lettermen doing this song. I certainly did enjoy it here.

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