The Best-Laid Plans

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Day 264

This morning I woke up thinking about what I wanted to do before heading back home. I had made plans to go to the playground with the kids, and then make lasagne to have ready when my son got home this evening.

Then the text: Flight was cancelled. Will now be taking the red-eye home and arrive about 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

It is all fine. My schedule is flexible. I had hoped to spend a little time with my son before driving home, but now, I will probably be packed and ready to leave shortly after he gets home tomorrow morning.

I have learned to roll with the punches.

After breakfast, my granddaughter and I walked to the playground. Not a bad walk and we made it out and back before the temps rose too much. My grandson decided to hang out at home with his mom. It was good to have a little alone time with one child rather than being tugged at for equal attention at every breathing moment. Not a bad problem to have — to be loved so much.

I decided to do all my laundry so I can pack clean clothes to take home, rather than bring dirty clothes home with me. Score one for me.

The kids are napping today — that’s a first for the week. Maybe everyone is just I need of returning to their normal. It is just a sleepy, low-key kind of day.

Tonight, I will still make lasagne as planned. We will probably watch another Chipmunk movie — we have already watched “The Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein” and “The Chipmunks and the Werewolf”. What other cinematic pleasure awaits I cannot say.

All in all, it has been a good week. These times spent with my grandchildren are precious. My daughter-in-law is making progress although it is very slow. The fact that there is still no diagnosis is disappointing. No diagnosis means no treatment plan and that is frustrating.

Oh, and I made a discovery this week. Jelly Belly makes a buttered popcorn flavor of jellybeans. They do taste exactly like buttered popcorn. Who knew?


20 thoughts on “The Best-Laid Plans”

  1. I have had those popcorn jelly beans, many years ago. And In London, of all places. The family time is very nice, but it is always good to get home. 🙂
    I could probably do without Alvin and The Chipmunks too…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Yes, the chipmunks of this era are difficult to understand and way too modernized.

      I am ready to go home and I am sure this family is anxious for a little normal.

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  2. It is so good that your time is flexible right now. At least you will be able to say hello to your son. I really hope they can make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for your DIL. Safe drive home my friend.

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    1. Yes, Lauren. The lack of answers and treatment from the doctors is so frustrating.

      It was nice being here. I am a very hands-on Grandma, so the time is valuable in building our relationship. I know they are looking forward to seeing their Daddy, though.

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  3. Much love and safe travel. Glad there is progress, just wish the pace would pick up. Talk to you soon.

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  4. Well that’s nice. As much as I love big family togetherness, I really do prefer one-on-one time with the young people.
    I am making lasagna today 🙂

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