One Liner Wednesday – Something Wicked

Day 262

“Something wicked this way went.”

My first foray into classical music, classic literature, and crooner music came from the cartoons of my childhood.

Okay, some of it might have been twisted, but at least the writers did delve into those areas. Here’s a classic. It’s long, but at least watch the opening credits – they are a hoot!

EDIT: Thanks, Dan for catching my before coffee slip on my blog. The following video is the one I meant to share!

Nice to know my Saturdays were somewhat educational.

Thank you Linda Hill for the opportunity. Stroll over to Linda’s blog to see what it’s all about.

Congratulations to Laura for winning the ‘Battle of the Badges’.


11 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Something Wicked”

    1. Pete, I confess I am not up in any cartoons after my children were kids which was 40 years ago. I know who Stewie is but that’s as far as it goes.

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  1. Originally, cartoons were meant for adults, but by the time we showed up there was TV and they needed somethng to show us. I really think that they were a vital part of our education.


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